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Last Monday Eva got her two-month shots. I know it was a little past her two-month birthday, but I was going to have to do it myself since T.J. is usually always at work or school, so I wanted to wait until Eva was having a good day and we could go early in the morning when the wait is less. Anyway… once we got to the clinic for her shots, I was filling out paper work and Eva was sitting in her car seat playing with Elliott the Elephant, her fav. Then this little girl, must have been about three, came over and wanted to look at Eva. Looking turned to touching.

Uhm. Hello, we’re in a health clinic, who knows what this little girl is in for and I don’t want her touching, or anywhere near, Eva. So, I kept telling the girl, “No touching please,” and moving her hand. But she wouldn’t stop. She was about to get right in her face so I decided enough was enough and so I took her out of the seat and held her. THEN this little girl got Elliott the Elephant (Eva’s stuffed animal that she loves) and wanted to play with it. I took it out of her hands and put it in my purse. I felt rude, but come on! Where is this girl’s mother and why does she think she can just roam around a HEALTH CLINIC touching other kids? Ridiculous. I kept looking around for the mom but she was at the front desk and didn’t care at all. So rude.

Am I in the wrong? Was I being too harsh?

Other than that, the shots went pretty well. The nurse was really nice and did all three shots fast. And fortunately Eva loved the oral dose… probably tasted like candy, I’m guessing. She cried when it happened, which made me cry because I could tell it hurt her. But as soon as I was able to hold her, she calmed down and started to smile again.

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  1. Meghan
    Meghan says:

    I’m totally with you. I hated taking Ethan to the pediatrician’s office where both sick and well kids were in the waiting room. We had to be really careful after he was born because he had some breathing issues, so we really didn’t want him sick when he was little. It would drive me NUTS when people/kids would touch him in public, especially places like the doctor’s office. When they are little, you just want them healthy! Having a sick baby is no fun. At least now you are coming out of cold/flu season and RSV season is almost over… I was so so happy when spring finally rolled around! 🙂

  2. mom
    mom says:

    I understand how you feel. But try to give the lady the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she just was finding out her little girl was going to have surgery, and she was too overwhelmed to take care of her child.
    But I do think you did the right thing. So grateful that Eva is healthy.


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