Ev’ry heart beats true ‘neath the Red, White and Blue

I got on my google reader Tuesday morning and was surprised by how many 4th of July posts there already were. All the bloggers in the blogosphere were really on top of it, and now my post is going to sound like old news. But whatevs. It was a great weekend so I have to post about it.

Friday night, T.J. took me to Old Navy to get me a pair of maternity pants that I could wear to work because I’m slowly growing out of everything and they were having a sale. So, that was a great start. I then proceeded to wear them all weekend. IOIAP (It’s okay, I am pregnant).

Then we met some friends at the Freedom Festival downtown Provo. We watched a man play with parrots, listened to some loud music, and walked around the different booths a couple times. Nothing feels more like summer than an outdoor festival, am I right? To end the night, we went to a rooftop concert a block away and then shared YouTube videos with each other.

On Saturday, as usual, we headed to Seven Peaks with our lunches (I pretended all the food was for me), and then we watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks by the Marriott Center. I’ve got to say, that was quite the show. And to think, next year we will have one more member of our family joining us. Hopefully she’ll love the fireworks as much as us!

On Sunday, we went to church (had some great lessons, by the way, about motherhood) where I cried because I was so jealous of all the parents there with their darling babies dressed in 4th of July attire. And then hung out with T.J.’s family. And then on Monday, we had a family party with T.J.’s family and his aunt’s family. Ate some great food, drew with sidewalk chalk (well, I just watched T.J. draw that awesome shark), put water balloons down T.J.’s pants, and watched Indiana Jones.

All in all, it was a great weekend. I wish I could have gotten up on time and felt good enough to see the parade and the hot air balloons, but that will have to wait until next year!

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