Everybody’s Lookin’ Forward to the Weekend!

Friday. Aunt Hannah came to visit. Obvs the BTOML. Always love catching up with my HanBan. Then T.J. and I went to mall to get him new shoes for New York. Can’t believe he’s going there so soon to interview! Please pray for him that everything works out!

(You will notice that Eva is an outfit repeater… but I just LOVE those jeggings. Plus, look at how darling her boots are! That girl has more clothes and shoes in her closet than her momma!)

Saturday. Finished a gift for my sister-in-law’s little baby. Almost threw it away because I think it turned out so poorly but T.J. reminded me it’s the thought that counts. Pictures to come of that soon. Then we went up to T.J.’s parents again to hang out with his fam and to relax. Eva did a lot better today, which is always a relief when we are with others. We played with Kelly’s new iPad… Facetime with my family and silly photobooth photos.

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