Eva’s 1st Birthday Party

On Sunday evening, we had a couple friends and family over for cake and ice-cream to celebrate Eva’s birthday. I kept singing to Eva, “It’s your party, you can cry if you want to!” She wasn’t in her most chipper mood, but I think she still enjoyed the party.

Everyone brought the cutest gifts for Eva… she sure is loved! Clothes, books, necklaces, and toys-including the playhouse below. We got that toy at the DI several months ago and hid it in the basement. It has been a huge hit! Thanks to everyone who helped to make her first birthday so fun and memorable!


Eva and her cousins playing with the new toy


Cake and cupcakes!Photo Dec 10, 6 53 57 PM

Hannah sent Eva clothes for her bear… Thanks, Nanny Hanny!

Photo Dec 09, 8 52 51 PMEva wasn’t sure if she wanted to try the cupcake…

Photo Dec 09, 8 54 21 PM

But after giving her a bite, she shoved it in!

Photo Dec 09, 8 55 07 PM

And the strawberry ice-cream was a huge hit!

Photo Dec 08, 8 42 51 AM

Happy Birthday, dear Eva!



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