Funny Eva Sayings: Round 3

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  • It’s been so long, I can’t really remember the context of this, but Eva said, “Me can’t exercise!”
  • I making magic!
  • Our DVD player broke and for some reason now inverts all of the colors and makes it look very strange. When it first happened, she said to me,”You tricked my TV!”
  • One afternoon Eva ran around in circles singing like Elsa, “Don’t feel. Don’t feel. Don’t feel! Anna say that.”
  • I want to cut my hair like Sophia.
  • When we got back from visiting my parents, Eva looked at our TV and said, “Mom, our TV is small!”
  • What a cute guinea pig… it has soft feathers, so cute!
  • I told Eva to say, “GO Cougars!” She replied, “No! Goooo baby dolls!”
  • At church, Eva rubbed my belly and said baby in there? Big belly. Big belly happy.” (And no, there is NOT a baby in there… just an extra five pounds.
  • Eva has been saying “of course” a lot. “You want to eat it, mom? Of course, of course, you can.”
  • In the middle of Eva saying a prayer, she stopped and said, “Oh, Grandma is calling! Hi Grandma!”
  • One night, Eva said to me, “No no no, no eating so much, you get sick!” Thanks, Eva.
  • “Goodnight mom, nice to meet you.”
  • I accidentally scratched Eva and she said, “Mommy! Say sorry to me!”
  • While TJ was carving his pumpkin, she started crying, “No, Dad!!! You breaking your pumpkin!”
  • “Mommy, my best friend lost forever!” Who’s your best friend, Eva? “My best friend Donald Duck!”
  • After eating her dinner, Eva said, “I’m a growing princess.”
  • We were babysitting for our friends up on the 7th floor. Once TJ got there, Eva and I left so I could put her to bed while TJ stayed to continue babysitting. Eva turned to her dad and said, “Is this where you live?” Uhhhh… no… he lives with us, Eva!
  • Eva kept putting on and taking off the witch hat and would say, “Me not a witch, it’s just me-a princess!”
  • My mom had to run an errand, and Eva said to her, “Bye, Nana! Get lost, okay?!” I think she meant to say, “Don’t get lost!”
  • “No sing the song.” Eva is the only one who’s allowed to sing around here, apparently.
  • “Eva, what did you do with your wand?” (As in, where did you put it?) Her response with eyes big and wide: Magic!!!

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