Eva Kay: 4 1/2 Years Old


Since Eva starts school next week, I thought I’d write a little post about her so I remember how she was at the age. Technically, she’s a little older than 4.5… she’ll be 5 in just 3 months! I don’t know how I all of a sudden got a nearly-five-year old, but I blinked a couple times and here we are!

Four has been an interesting year. She’s becoming more like a “real big kid” and less like a little kid/toddler type of child… if that makes any sense. Like a real kid as in, she has lots of opinions, thoughts, talks none stop, is getting smarter and smarter each day, and is strong willed like her mom. In some ways, this is so great. It’s exciting to see her personality shine through and get to know the real Eva Kay. But in other ways, it creates a lot of power struggles each day. I definitely think three was an easier age than four, because she would say so much cute/hilarious/random things each day. She still says goofy things, but since she’s getting to be such a smarty-pants (I mean this in a positive sense), they’re more on purpose because she likes to be a jokester.

Eva will be in Pre-K next week at a little neighborhood preschool. I’m very excited about this change of schools from last year because they seem to do much more creative learning than her previous preschool. She met her teacher and couldn’t stop talking about how much she loved her and her new fun school “with the princess chair!”

Some of Eva’s favorite things are: her Build-a-bear Dog named Lucy, a “special” small stuffed animal that changes each day (today it was her pig, last week it was her puppy, sometimes it’s her unicorn… it rotates often), cereal, going on hikes, dancing, singing, playing pretend, running/galloping back and forth in the house playing some sort of game like mermaids or puppies, playing the Cupcake Game and Go Fish (but with Princess cards), Madeline (the show on Hulu), Palace Pets (the little mini show on Disney Jr App), making cupcakes on my phone, going to church, being silly with her brother, all things princess, doing the I Spy books, reading any book about Witches or Puppies, talking about Halloween (she’s going to be Belle).

Swimming is also another favorite of Eva’s. She has become my little fish this summer and can swim pretty well without her floaties. She loves jumping in and making big splashes. She loves playing mermaids in the water with friends but is also content with just splashing around by herself.

I can tell that Eva wants as much attention we give Finn. Sometimes it’s easy to give so much love and glory to Finn because he’s a chubby baby and everything new is so exciting, but I’m trying to remember Eva needs and wants to be loved on just as much! Sometimes she tests our patience but she honestly is the sweetest, happiest little girl. We love her so much and hope she knows how much her mom and dad love her. She’s my little Diva Eva and I never want her to grow up!



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