Eva is TWO!

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My little baby is TWO YEARS OLD! I cannot believe it! It feels just like yesterday when we checked into the hospital. Heck, it feels just like yesterday when I found out we were expecting! And here we are. With a two year old!

Since we were in DC for Eva’s actual birthday, my sister was so nice and made a cake for Eva. We opened a couple presents together before we hit the road, and then opened up some more presents when we got back to Jersey.

Eva was so excited to open her presents and even learned the word, “Birthday!” She sings bits and pieces of the birthday song, “Happppppyyyyyy twooooo.” It’s adorable.

Not much is different since last month when I wrote about Eva, but she does/says some really funny things these days. She likes to say the word “sad” and frown and then she immediately says “happy!” and jumps and smiles. She’s already practicing being emotional, and turning on and off tears. That’s my girl! Ha!

Eva loves her babies. We have a little Baby Jesus and she gives it lots of kisses from herself and from her other dolls. I caught her having her Belle doll kiss Baby Jesus. I guess Belle would love Baby Jesus though.

One of Eva’s favorite toys right now is her new tent that she got from her Swainhart grandparents. She spends most of the day in there reading and asking me to “come” inside. She grabs my hand and pulls me while saying over and over, “Come, come, come mommy, come!” We sit inside and read, play babies, and just hang out.

Eva loves coloring, playing with play dough, watching Winnie the Pooh, talking/watching/singing about Santa, doing puzzles, taking baths, using her rolly backback around the house, wearing dresses (especially her new dress from the Derrick grandparents, and her new Cinderella dress from her Aunt Hannah), and singing/dancing to music.

Everyday Eva asks to go on a walk, which is so cute to me. “Walk, mommy? Walk?” Other funny things: She comes up to me with her Halloween trick or treat bag, and say, “TREAAAAATTTTTT!” It’s December and she is STILL doing this. If she hears any noices in our apartment building outside, she thinks Daddy is home and looks at me while saying, “DADDY?!?!” That’s pretty adorable. She loves our friends Ashley and Brooks. Pretty much any baby she sees, even if it’s a drawing (she point to the drawing of a baby on the changing tables at the mall) and says, “BROOKS!” She ran over to Ashley and said mommy once, so I think it’s safe to say she’s Ashley’s biggest fan.

Eva is pretty mischevious at times, and she knows it. She’ll look at me before doing something she knows she shouldn’t do. Or show me that she did something she wasn’t supposed to do. Such as coloring on the table/wood floor, playing in the vaseline (why do I keep leaving that out???), throwing food on the floor, taking all the tissues out of the box, and pouring bath water out of the bath. But then she does something adorable and it makes me forget about her craziness!

That’s all I can think of right now, but everyday she makes us laugh and smile. I wish I could capture it all and write about everything!

Happy Birthday, Eva! I am so excited to see you learn and grow this year!


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