Eva is 4!


This beautiful girl… what can I even say? I cannot believe she is four years old. I am so sad that she no longer is my sweet little baby, but am also so excited to see her grow up and watch her personality blossom.

Eva is still my little diva. She wears princess dresses 100% of the time when we are home, except for when she’s asleep. And when she’s asleep, she’s usually in a nightgown with princesses on it. Eva loves playing with dolls, her clip princesses (obviously), her new picnic board game and princess board game, and her new carriage toy. She does pretty well playing by herself, but loves playing with her cousins and gets so silly when she’s around them.

This year, Eva has become kind of sensitive, but I’m glad because she has a tender heart and is aware of those around her. She knows the difference between right and wrong (doesn’t always make the right choice 🙂 ) but knows when she’s made mistakes. She hates loud noises (although her belly laugh can be really loud sometimes!), so when kids scream or the toilet flushes loud-she wants nothing to do with it! Ha!

Eva’s favorite foods are cheese quesadillas, cheese burgers, pasta, yogurt, apples, broccoli and hummus, and of course all types of junk food, ice cream, popcorn, and candy… haha! It’s still a struggle to get Eva to eat, but finally is to the point where I can tell her she can’t get up until she eats… and it works for the most part.

The best parts of Eva’s week are when she gets to go to school, go to grandma’s house, and go to primary. She really loves getting out and doing activities. We try to go to the library for their story times and puppet shows, she does a dance class each week, and we go to a music class together too (when we can make it out the door on time… Finn definitely slows us down recently). Every morning she says, “So, Mom, what are we gonna do today?” I think she’s still my city-girl at heart and just can’t sit at home… I guess she’s like me… definitely not a homebody.

This year Eva became a big sister and adores her brother. Although I have to constantly remind her to be gentle, she always wants to give him loves!

Dear Eva Bug, please stay this sweet and funny forever. We love you so much! Happy 4th Birthday!!!
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