Establish a Tutorial

Wow, what a great two weeks it has already been for my religion classes. I am taking the first half of the Doctrine and Covenants with Professor Perkins. I love his teaching style because he really wants us to grow lifetime habits of studying and searching the scriptures through this course.

Here is what we studied last week:

“Through the study of the scriptures, you can establish a tutorial with the Godhead, mediated by the Holy Ghost.” To establish such a tutorial, we must first read our scriptures with the Spirit and then understand and learn through the Spirit. Next, we must pray and seek for revelation. Receive the teachings into your life and apply it to all you do. And lastly, by receiving this personal knowledge, we should use that as a channel for more knowledge and power.

3 Nephi 26:9-10 says that the scriptures are a trial of faith. How are they a trial of faith? Well, first of all it takes great faith to accept them as true scripture. Also, reading it takes faith. Believing and applying are other actions that require a trial of faith. But the greater things will be granted unto us once we accept it. We will receive personal revelation, an eternal perspective, a greater personal relationship with Christ, an understanding of the blessings found in the temple, and a testimony of the Plan of Salvation.

President Benson said to feast upon the words of Christ – more abundantly – it will give us an increase in power and Spirit.

“When individual members and families immerse themselves in the scriptures regularly and consistently, testimonies will increase, commitment will be strengthened, families will be fortified, and personal revelation will flow” (Benson, April 1985).

What an amazing promise. It pretty much says that if we have any problems, the scriptures will be able to help us directly. Think about it. If you are struggling with your testimony or lack a testimony all together, the scriptures will strengthen your knowledge tremendously and restore your testimony. Or say you struggle with actually committing to what you believe. You have the testimony but you just can’t seem to get yourself to go to church or to give up a bad habit. The scriptures will strengthen your ability to commit. If your family is falling a part, lacks unity or structure. Go to the scriptures. If you have any problem in your life and are wondering what to do, by immersing yourself in the scriptures and studying diligently, the Spirit will guide your life and personal revelation will flow.

Spiritual knowledge doesn’t come just by asking, it takes faith, persistence, exertion, struggle, and will be a continual lifetime search. The Spirit will guide your life and help you through trials, I have a testimony in that. I see it in my life everyday. But we must do our part as well. We must study the scriptures through the Spirit and apply what we learn to our daily lives. Our eyes can be opened but only by, through, and of our Heavenly Father.

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