Enough's Enough

I’ve got a confession. I don’t know if this makes me boring, lame, or just a pessimist, but I’m sick of wedding blogs. Probably just because I’ve looked at them for a straight year. But post after post, nothing really changes and I’m sick of seeing the same vintage wedding over and over. Nothing is wrong with them, they’re all very beautiful and planned out exquisitely–I’m just no longer interested.

So, what does this mean? I have unsubscribed to all the wedding blogs on my Google Reader.

What doesn’t it mean? It doesn’t mean that I will stop posting pictures from my wedding because I will never get tired of seeing those photographs.

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  1. Heidi Rose
    Heidi Rose says:

    I did the same thing a couple months ago. I just got tired of the same wedding stuff over and over again! Plus – I’m already married.


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