End of Summer Bucket List

Wow. We have had a GREAT summer. We seriously lived it up and although we’ll still have summer weather through September I’m sure, all the pools and most of the splash pads will soon be closing. We have three solid weeks of summer left and the days must be used wisely! Here’s my list.

Go to our pool at least six more times. Two times a week.
Hike Timp. Okay, this can be done in September if needs be.
Two more hikes with Eva.
Three more splash pads, including the one in Sandy (one a week).
Seven Peaks two more times
Outdoor movie (Rock Canyon) on the 29th.
One more concert in the Park (Wines Park) on the 21st.
Utah State Fair (this is actually in September but I don’t want to forget!)
Swim in a lake (this Saturday?)
Tube Provo river on the 19th or 26th (want to join??)
Tin foil dinners and play in the streams up at South Fork Park (sometime next week)
Trip to Arizona (Labor Day Weekend)

Sure sounds like a lot but it’ll be great!

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