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Emotional Week

This week has been pretty crazy.

It started Tuesday morning when T.J. and went to the temple to do sealings. We were showing our recommends at the desk when the man told me my recommend had expired THAT day. It was May 1. I started crying immediately and telling my sad story of how my husband was leaving that night for four months and how I just needed to go to the temple. They said they’d see if the temple presidency thought it would be okay. I sat there on the bench, crying. About twenty minutes later, someone returned and told me they’d make an exception and let us in because they felt we needed to be there.

I knew the reason we needed to be there. It was because WE needed it. I needed the peace and the strength to help me get through these next couple of months and as a couple, we needed to go together before he left.

Doing sealings was great. It really put things into perspective. So many of the names we did were from hundreds of years ago and so I kept thinking, if they could go hundreds of years… I can go four months.

Tuesday night, we headed to the airport. T.J. was flying standby, his flight was leaving around 11:30 pm. It was too full so he didn’t make it on the flight. He slept at the airport to see if he could make it on the morning flight at 6 am. Unfortunately, that flight was also full so he decided to leave the airport and find another option.

His parents were amazing and got him a flight with their skymiles so he would make it there on time and not have to worry about flying standby any longer. The flight was booked for this morning at 8:30, which meant we got to have two extra days together.

These past couple of days felt like a dream. It was wonderful to have him back at home and getting to be with him just a little bit longer. We went on a long drive Wednesday, watched the sun set at the Y overlook. We got a snowcone, which made it feel a bit like summer. We watched Hugo, which was such a good movie. And we played with our little girl and spent time with T.J.’s parents.

So far I’m doing okay. I took a really long (embarrassing-ly long) nap this morning at T.J.’s parents’ which was good because when I’m tired, I’m overly emotional. And we kept busy today by going on a long walk, sitting up at the temple, and playing outside. Plus, thanks to my friends and family who have checked up on me and invited me to do things with them. I know I could not do this without all of your support.

I don’t know if it’s exactly hit me yet. T.J. is usually busy with school and work anyways, so right now it doesn’t feel like he’s going to be gone for four months. It just feels like he’s at the lab working on graphic design all night.

Anyway, T.J. made it to his apartment safely. He said it’s the size of a matchbox, and smaller than I could even imagine. But he’s a trooper and excited for his internship that starts on Monday.

We’re going to be okay. Let this adventure begin…

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  1. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    Don’t worry! You are going to be fine. And if you need something to do, come to my wedding next Saturday!


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