Embarrassing Stories from Elementary School

  1. In second grade, my crush got glasses and I called him “four eyes.” He told the teacher on me, and then I got glasses the year later. Joke’s on you, second-grade self.
  2. In third grade after getting my glasses, I had a crush in my math group and I honestly remember taking off my glasses to so he could “see me naturally.” I even remember where I was sitting when this happened in Mrs. Campbell’s class.
  3. I wasn’t allowed to watch Friends in elementary school. One day in the bathroom, there was a really cool girl and I tried to make conversation with her by saying, “Hey, did you watch Friends last night?” She said she didn’t, which was a good thing because I sure hadn’t and wouldn’t have known what to talk about! But I was sure that, by mentioning Friends, I was really cool.
  4. When I was really young, I would pretend I was sick so I wouldn’t have to go to dance class.
  5. The first time I did poorly in a piano lesson, I asked to use the restroom during the lesson and cried in the bathroom.
  6. In first grade, my teacher Mrs. Mason told everyone to gather around me so that she could show me how to properly use scissors. Apparently I held them too much to the side.
  7. My principal always said he was dropping a pin and if he couldn’t hear it, we were too loud. I thought he really dropped a pin each time.
  8. In sixth grade, we were told we weren’t allowed to throw acorns. But one recess, a lot of kids started throwing them because it was so fun. I picked up an acorn so I could join in, but then decided not to throw it and put it back down. Our teacher found out the class broke the rules and said whoever touched an acorn would have to sit out of the next recess. I was upset because I hadn’t actually thrown it, I broke down in tears at the library and the sweet library assistant asked if I wanted  to talk to the principal about everything. I just sat in his office and cried. “We” decided it was only fair that I skip recess just like everyone else. But looking back on it, I think I shouldn’t have been punished! I did the right thing and put the acorn down! Rude.
  9. My elementary school didn’t give out grades in the report card. Instead, they did lines. The longer the line for each subject, the better. This isn’t an embarrassing story, but I thought I’d share.
  10. In 4th grade, my teacher Mrs. Molique asked who believed in Santa Claus. I thought that was a strange question because what was there not to believe in? And what was even stranger was that not everyone raised their hands. Two years later… I found out the truth. I was in total shock.

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  1. Erin
    Erin says:

    Haha, you DEF should not have gotten in trouble for the acorn! Isn’t it weird what seems reasonable to kids? Also, your school using lines for grades reminded me of “Maeby feels ______ about math.”


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