Early Memories

We stayed at T.J.’s parent’s house last night so we could go to the temple in the morning. While we were there, Eva leaked through her diaper (and then onto her grandma and her grandma’s living room carpet). Kelly gave her a little bath in the kitchen sink and it reminded me of one of my earliest memories.

I remember when I was really little and would visit my grandmother, I would get baths in the kitchen sink too. I don’t remember much more than that, but I can see it in my head. Next to the red countertops and the sun shining through the kitchen window.

The only other memory I have of when I was really young was, surprisingly, also at my grandmother’s house. I was sleeping in a crib in my mom’s room. I remember being scared and calling out for my mom over and over through the night.

Random memories. But they’re fun to think about. What are some of your earliest memories? Post about it on your blog and send me the link!

{My sister and I in front of my grandmother’s old house}

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