Doughnut Plant

After going to Dough, we decided we needed to try out other donut places to really determine which shop was the best. I don’t feel toooo guilty about eating donuts because usually it’s quite the trek to get there and back, so don’t judge me for eating donuts two weeks in a row!

Second donut shop on the list: Doughnut Plant on 23rd. The place was really cute inside, we even got a place to sit down. But overall, the donuts weren’t nearly as good as Dough. Something about the donuts at Dough made them so fluffy and light. I hadn’t had anything like it, as I told you before. The donuts at Doughnut Plant just tasted like normal. They were good, but not great. And since I’m not a HUGE donut fan anyway, I will never feel the need to try them again.

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