DIY Weekend

It’s time to put up new curtains in our condo. Considering T.J. and I have no money and are really trying to save as much as possible, I decided I would make my own! So I’ve looked around a bunch of blogs, and of course, Martha Stewart’s site and have come up with a few ideas.

For our kitchen:

I think this is an adorable idea! This blogger took old vintage hankies/tablecloths etc. and sewed them together, hanging it with twine. Could it be any cuter? Oh, not to mention her adorable plants above and jars below.

I love these curtains. They’re formal so they’d have to go in our living room, but have an adorable flair to them because of the cute pattern.

Okay, I know this doesn’t fit with the others. But I found this cute idea and had to share. Along with the following photograph:

Don’t you love how the hooks are made out of antique silverware?? Wow, I love this!

So with my new ideas, tomorrow I’m having a DIY day. Starting at the DI for old frames, fabric, and silverware, hopefully I’ll find some good stuff!

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