DIY Creations

Well, folks, I made new curtains from some kitchen linens I got at Ikea. They were about one or two dollars for three of them. So I had the idea to stitch them together.

To hang them, I attached some hemp to the top. I also wrapped hemp around the curtain bar so it would match.

I found an assortment of planter pots at the thrift store for about a quarter each. I spray painted them different colors and then used chalk board paint so I could write on the pots. Turns out I’m not much of an artist and had a hard time painting, but maybe the messy work gives it a personal touch or flair? Next weekend I’m going to start planting!

I also got these jars for about a quarter each at the thrift store, which I was thrilled about. I want to decorate them somehow, but I’m not sure what I should do. Any ideas?

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