Disneyland: The Drive + Day 1

I took an insane amount of videos and photos while at Disneyland, not surprisingly, so I’m going to divide our trip up by day. We left on Saturday at 5 am and the kids plus TJ slept pretty much all the way to St. George, which was so fabulous. It made the drive down there so short and easy! We arrived in the afternoon, got some lunch, then headed to Downtown Disney. TJ’s brother didn’t tell his kids that we were going to Disney, so when we got to Downtown Disney (which I accidentally called Downton Disney about thirty times) they surprised them which was so cute! Eva loved being in on the surprise, and kept saying stuff like, “Aren’t you soooo excited that we are here at the BEACH??” Then she’d look at me and smile. Hahaha! That night we explored all the fun stores and then danced together to a band playing. We all went to bed early so we’d be ready for our first day at Disney.

Eva woke up quite early, but who could blame her… I was even excited to wake up! We all got dressed in our Disney gear and headed off to the park with TJ’s parents. As we walked in, we had to take a picture with Minnie in her Halloween costume! Next on the to-do list was take a picture with the princesses! I definitely teared up when Eva met Ariel! It was so adorable! Finn however, was not quite a fan. He even swiped her hand away… thankfully I got it on video because it’s so funny! Eva also loved meeting Cinderella and told her several times how beautiful she looked. Gosh… melts my heart!

We were pretty smart with fast passes and stroller passes so we got to ride pretty much everything without waiting! It was busy, but not too bad. We took a break at 2 and had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe over at Downtown Disney. Getting out of the heat for a couple hours and having a nice meal was perfect. It was so funny though, we were sitting by a big Gorilla that would make noise quite often and Finn was scared to death of it. He wouldn’t stop looking at it and cried whenever it moved. Poor thing! After getting some food (and even a lollipop), he finally stopped worrying about it. Another highlight of the day was the parade, which I knew I wanted to have a good seat for since we did that last time and enjoyed it so much. The parade did not disappoint and Eva waved at all of the characters again! Such a fun time!

The kids fell asleep in the stroller so we stayed until closing, getting to ride a bunch more rides without much waiting. We really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect first day!

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