Dinner for Two, Thanks to Pinterest

As I expressed in my last post, Pinterest is basically taking over and changing my life. And yes, that’s a bit exaggerative, but it really is somewhat true! It’s made me want to get my house in order, do my whole baby room DIY, and make more dinners for T.J. and I.

I found a couple of things on there that I wanted to try out, so I finally did today. We had BBQ Chicken, cuscus, zucchini fries, and a fruit salad. (For the recipes to the chicken and zucchini fries, just click on the links.) But let me just say that this chicken recipe is the EASIEST recipe ever. I just threw everything in the crock-pot before work, including my frozen chicken, and it was ready for us to eat by 5:30. Oh, and a tip for the fries. I think they would be better with bread crumbs rather than a shake and bake mix.


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  1. Chelsey
    Chelsey says:

    Yeah, I made zucchini fries with a recipe that used panko bread crumbs, and they were quite good–not too salty! Although I wish I had cut my zucchini pieces thinner because some pieces were kind of floppy…


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