Dear State Government,

I came to get a new driver license at the DVM today and your hours said Monday-Thursday.  I thought we were in America with the 5-day work week.  And you, you’re supposed to represent and run America, so how come there’s an exception for you all? I don’t know why you think you can take every Friday off while the rest of us have to work everyday.

It’s quite rude and I do not understand it.


Expired Driver License

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  1. RJ
    RJ says:

    Dear Expired Driver,

    We are not open on Fridays and do not have a regular work week because we are the Government. As much as you think we help our “lovely” cities, states, and nation, fact is-we don’t. We just signed a bill for another 600M to slam a top of you and your future children.

    Laughing in your face sincerely,

    State and Federal Government


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