Deal of the Week

I have a gym pass at 24. When do I go? Look at my body compared to how it was six months ago, and that should give you your answer.

T.J. told me that we should cancel my membership since I’m not using it. Of course I instantly started pouting and rambling off, “But I will go, I will, I’m just busy, but if I don’t have it I’ll just get fatter and fatter… how will you like me then?”

So we came to an agreement. If I don’t go to the gym three times this week, we are canceling my membership. I refuse to lose. Giving up that membership is giving up hope that I can lose weight and get back in shape. I refuse to lose.

But today is Thursday and I haven’t gone once so far. So, watch out 24, you’re going to be seeing a lot of me in the next three days!


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