Date Night at Chelsea Market

Last weekend, I did a little babysitting swap with my friend so T.J. and I could go out on a date and then she and her husband could have a night out as well. It worked out really well and so hopefully we can keep it up in the future! Free babysitting and a night out? The best.

The funny thing about NYC is that sometimes I get this mentality of Go Big or Go Home. I feel like when we have outings with Eva we really have to take advantage of the city and all it has to offer or we might as well just be back at home. But there’s SO much to do and so many places to eat that oftentimes I get overwhelmed! I want to try new things and restaurants, but spending money on a place I’m unsure about it always tricky. We also are on a budget, so even though we would love to go see a show every date night, it’s unrealistic for us right now.

So, after stressing out about where to eat and trying to find something awesome to do in the city, we decided to just keep it simple and go to my favorite taco place at Chelsea Market (to be fair, I haven’t tried too many other taco places in the city, but this one is really delicious!). After dinner, we walked around the market, got some treats, star-searched (last time we were there, Blake Lively was in front of me in line), and rummaged through a little sample store where T.J. let me buy a new button-up.

In the end, it was just good to go out and be a couple again. Being a mom is amazing but sometimes I forget I’m first and foremost a wife. It was nice to be with my hubby for some uninterrupted time!

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