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Eva wakes up around 8. TJ gets ready for work, gets Eva breakfast and sets up a TV show for her while I embrace the last couple minutes of extra sleep until Finny Babe wakes up.

Finn wakes up somewhere between 8-9:30, depending on his night. I nurse Finn, get some breakfast for me, share it with Finn, then we play upstairs for the majority of the morning so I can get ready for the day and get the kids bathed and clothed. Finn plays on his play mat, swings in his swing, jumps in his door jumper thing, until he’s ready for his morning nap. At this point, it’s either time to go to school/dance/music class so he gets his nap in the car, unless we don’t have anywhere to be and he gets a real nap in his crib. If it’s a crib nap, then it’s work time for me and Eva usually plays pretend (currently she’s got the baby bath tub out with sand toys out pretending she’s at the beach in a boat), reads, dresses up, or plays with her castle.

If it’s MWF, Eva goes to school, and I usually run errands or come home and clean the house, do laundry, etc. Sometimes I even let myself have a nap. Glorious. If It’s T/TH, we have co-ops set up, and try and meet up with cousins in the afternoon. I have to get out every day. Even if it’s just for a Sonic/Target run. That’s why it’s been so nice to have warm weather because we can go to the park for hours. I can’t wait for the summer when the pool is open again.

Once we’re home from school/co-ops, some days we run errands or we come home and get some things done around the house. Finn will take another nap in the afternoon and then usually a little half hour snooze before dinner time, at which point we are counting down the minutes until TJ gets home from work. He walks every day to and from work and usually gets home a little after six. I try and have a dinner ready at that time, but a lot of times we can’t wait that long to eat since I want to get the kids to bed by seven, so we will eat before he arrives. After we have all eaten, it’s upstairs we go and then we tag-team it with the kids to put them to bed. Usually we switch off with Eva each night. She’s pretty good about going to bed, but recently she gets soooo hyper before bedtime, which makes things a little harder. We have started using a bedtime sticker chart though which encourages her to do what we ask. Usually both the kids are down a little after seven, I treat myself to a well-deserved diet coke, pick up around the house, clean up from dinner, then finish up work items and we get caught up on our TV shows on Hulu. Most nights, if I’m not in bed by 9:30, I will fall asleep on the couch downstairs. Being a mom of two has REALLY worn me out. Usually, I’m a night owl. But with these two babes, I can’t wait to go to bed each night.

It’s not much. But it’s my life. It may seem simple to some, but raising two children to be smart, strong, and Christ-like is not as simple as it may seem.

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