It’s been more than a week since I posted, and you know me, that feels like forever. Everyday I’ve thought about posting, I just haven’t been in the mood, plus I have been so busy with church, work, the baby, and family stuff. So, I’m going to try to catch up today because I’ve got a lot to write about and a lot of great pictures!

First of all, last week the ward asked me to host the mothers’ group. I’ve never been to the mothers’ group in our ward so I wasn’t exactly sure of what to expect, but I love hosting parties so I figured it would be just another fun get together.

Well, it was fun. And it was nice to get to know more people in the ward. BUT at one point there were about 15 toddlers running around the house and it was in that moment when I realized my house is not toddler proofed. Thank goodness I thought about putting the computer away, because I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have made it through the madness. My favorite part of the morning is how three kids put Eva’s binky into their mouths at different points.

It also made me wonder if I’ll be able to handle Eva as a toddler. I guess I’ll grow as a mother as she grows. But I sure love my cuddly little girl. It’s the spunkiness in her, though, that I’m worried will be a lot to handle when she gets older.

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