Crackle and Spark

A couple weeks ago, I noticed that my hair straightener was getting hot around the handle randomly. I loved that straightener and hoped that it wasn’t a sign of its death. But a couple days later, I heard some weird crackling sounds inside of it and then smelled a strange burning smell. It was then when I knew my wonderful straightener had passed.

I got it a couple years ago (I think three?) at TJ Maxx. I randomly came across it and was super excited because it was a nice straightener but was so inexpensive. So I hoped that this time I could find another straightener with the same quality and same low price.

I did! It’s a great ceramic flat iron that came with a mini one perfect for travel. I had to post about this because I don’t think people know you can get straighteners at TJ Maxx… they have a lot of name brands, so next time you need to buy a new one, head on over there!

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