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Cozy on up by the fireplace

  1. I realize I do a lot of these bulleted blog posts. Hopefully they’re not annoying but sometimes I have a lot of random things to say and this seems like the best way to do it.
  2. I did my nails last night for the first time in forever. Including my toe nails. Guys, do you have any idea how hard that is? To bend that way? It’s quite an accomplishment. Now I have adorable sparkly red nails for the holidays!
  3. Yesterday I went to the doctor and he relieved some of my anxiety. You see, I was kind of down about choosing a doctor who had his own practice because that means he’s busier. But he told me that he delivers, on average, 1.5 babies a day. And he’s always monitoring his patients in labor, online, even when he’s not there at the hospital. Phewwww. He’s a funny man, that Dr. Judd. He said the one baby a day is the easy part, it’s the half baby that gets hard. 🙂 Oh and update, baby is in the right position with a perfect heartbeat.
  4. When I picked up our car from the mechanics the other day, I had to wait for like 20 minutes. It wasn’t a big deal, I just checked my mail and facebook. But then mechanic gave me a $15 gift card for iTunes for the trouble. Don’t mind if I do! What great customer service, don’t ya think? Plus, they cleaned our car inside and out before giving it to us! So, if you ever need to get your car fixed after an accident, go to Cascade Collision on State Street in Provo.
  5. With that $15 gift card, I bought Michael Bublé’s new Christmas album. It is so good. So so so good. And so much better than Justin Bieber’s, which is a huge deal that I’m saying that considering how much I love JB. The only reason you can compare them is because they both came out recently. Anyway, I highly recommend that you buy it immediately. And start listening to it immediately.
  6. My new nickname should be Martha Stewart because I’ve been doing a craft every day over here at the Derrick household! I will show you everything shortly!
  7. I have had the BEST week with scripture study. I’m telling you, downloading the audio version of the Book of Mormon and then following along was such a good idea. Please do it too so we can talk about how much fun it is! The guy reading has an intense voice and gets really into it! And at the rate we’re going, we will be finished mid-December. Once I turn it on, I don’t want to stop because it’s like watching a movie or something.
  8. Thanksgiving is in TWO WEEKS!?!?! Where the heck did time go? I swear I was just laying in a tube on the wave pool at Seven Peaks! And you better believe I’m going shopping on Black Friday for baby stuff! It will be perfect because I’ll be 6 days from my due date and so no one will mess with me! Or… it will put me in labor! Even better. Anyone in the area want to go with me at dusk?
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