I have never watched more than the first ten minutes of any Pride or Prejudice movie. Without fail, I fall asleep or turn it off because I am so bored. I don’t really like that time period, not to mention, I very much dislike Kiera Knightly. Am I ignorant? Am I a loser? Do I not know what I missing? I’ve lived a happy life so far….

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  1. Heidi Rose
    Heidi Rose says:

    We can probably still be friends. Sounds like a girl night is in order. First off – the 2 hr pride and prejudice is TERRIBLE! I don’t blame you for not liking it….the 6 hr one is much better. But that might be a bit much for your first exposure to this type of wonderfulness. I highly recommend Sense and Sensibility. It is by far one of my favorite movies. So funny, so clever, so sad, so wonderful. Yes, a girls night def needs to take place soon.
    Ps – I don’t think you’re ignorant or a loser…. you just don’t know what you’re missing =]


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