Come on Spring!

Last week, we had a day or two of warmer weather and I had to get out and take advantage of the partly-sunny/non-snowy day! I didn’t want to spend much money and goodness knows it costs an arm and a leg for most things in NYC, so we opted for an exploration/park day instead. Eva loved not having the rain/wind cover over the stroller because we could talk and look at everything around us on the walk. I’m so happy that she does much better in the stroller now. She still has times where she wants to get out and run, but that’s okay… she’s a toddler and needs to get exercise anyway!

We went on a long walk down through Wall Street and to the very southern tip of Manhattan, then up and along the path along the Hudson river. We ended up at a park, still covered in snow, but the swings and slides were still fun for Eva!

To end the mommy-daughter date, we had lunch at a French bakery and treated ourself to some macarons… my favorite!

It was such nice and simple day in the city that it made me so excited for the warmer weather when we can do this all the time! I can’t believe we’ve already made it through (almost) February! The worst is over!

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