Claire Jr.

My sister, Mary Beth, has the most beautiful daughter in the world.

Her name is Claire and I fell in love with her instantly.

We have been best friends ever since.

Well, Claire is getting a little sister any minute now.  I have officially nicknamed my soon-to-be niece “Claire Junior”.  Claire set the standard pretty high, but I’m sure Claire Junior will be just as darling as the Senior.

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  1. Carrie Ann
    Carrie Ann says:

    i love claire. i remember when dana and i saw her at your wedding reception, we both almost had a heart attack. it’s like she’s a celebrity and we were 12 year old girls. she’s adorable.

    • kderrick
      kderrick says:

      Tell me what size you want it to be and I’ll get started on it immediately.
      Also, do you want it for your photo site or your blog?
      Andddd…. what do you want it to say?


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