Cinco de Mayo Dinner

Here’s the thing. I love Mexican food but T.J. is not a huge fan. He doesn’t mind it once in a while, but I could eat Mexican food everyday. And when I say Mexican food, maybe it’s not authentic, maybe it’s Tex-mex, but usually it includes something like rice, beans, guac, salsa, corn, cilantro, etc.

Well, for Cinco de Mayo, it was the perfect excuse to try out a new recipe or two for dinner. I made chicken quesadillas and homemade salsa.

The chicken quesadillas (aka Crispy Chicken Wraps) were SO easy to make. Cook your chicken, shred it, add some mayo, sour cream, cheese hot sauce, cilantro, and green onions… throw it inside your quesadillas and heat it up in a little olive oil on the stove. Delish.

And for the homemade salsa (aka Cowboy Caviar), even though T.J. says this doesn’t count as salsa because it wasn’t a tomato base (I put half the amount of tomatoes in that the recipe calls for), we ate it SO fast. I’m obsessed with this recipe and could eat it errydayallday! I usually have all the ingredients for this on hand anyway, so I’ll definitely be making it often!


So, if you want to make a fast and easy meal for tonight… try this! Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.13.34 PM

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