Christmas with the Derricks

On Sunday, December 16, we got up bright and early to hear T.J.’s cousin give his homecoming talk. It was so fun to go to church with all of T.J.’s family and to dress Eva up in her Christmas dress (which was mine as a baby). We proceeded to T.J.’s aunt’s home for brunch and then spent the rest of the day up in American Fork with T.J.’s immediate family.

After the babies napped, we had them open up the presents from Grandma and Grandpa Santa. The girls got baby dolls in strollers and Cohen got a little car to sit on or push. It was so cute to see them play with the toys and (attempt) to share. Time sure flies – it feels just like yesterday when we were holding our newborns in our arms on Christmas.


Grandma gave Eva her first candy cane. She devoured it in a matter of minutes.206703_10151155435996447_78957204_n

The kids playing with Cohen’s new bubble machine249927_10151155435911447_1986963195_n

Cohen giving the baby stroller a push284888_10151155435536447_1827084321_n

We decorated Santa Sleighs.386750_10151155435651447_576855509_n

Future Mamas394891_10151155435761447_333330097_n

Josh & Lacey534215_10151155435296447_365359811_n



The boys were busy playing each other on their iPhones/iPads all afternoon.551568_10151155435426447_1710019290_n


Santa and his elf739799_10151155435326447_1582291069_o

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 4.18.39 PM

Chocolate fondu party!Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 4.18.48 PMCohen and Eva could barely wait for their turn to get sprayed in the mouth with water. Too funny!

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