Christmas Traditions

I told you all earlier, I pull out our tree pretty much as early as possible. I listen to Christmas music right after Halloween. I plan out about fifty activities in my calendar for the season. So, when my kids were sick for a solid week, I was kind of devastated. We missed the Alpine Live Nativity, which I had gotten tickets for as soon as they went on sale and was heartbroken we didn’t get to do that. We missed the Nativity, which was a new tradition we started with my friend and her daughter. We also missed this other sing-in thing while they were sick. So needless to say, last week I decided we needed to STEP UP OUR GAME to get caught up!

We celebrated St. Nick, where St. Nick comes in the night to put chocolate in your shoes if you’ve been good!

We drove around the neighborhood one night with Christmas music on and looked at all the lights. This is always a favorite activity of mine since the kids are nice and warm, and it’s free! We will probably go out and do this again another night.

We started our #12outfits of Christmas with Danica!

For every one good picture, there are about thirty awful/hilarious ones.

We decorated Gingerbread houses (and then ate it as soon as we finished).


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