Christmas Window Displays + Rock Center

I mentioned that I went to see the window displays in the city and the Christmas tree at Rockefeller center. Those were two things I didn’t get to do last year. We had planned to do it the Saturday night before we left for Christmas break, but Eva and TJ had food poisoning from the infamous Jersey City Church Christmas Party disaster of 2014.

Ashley and Brooks came along with us. It was a great afternoon, in the low 40s, so it wasn’t awfully cold yet.

I think my favorite display was at Saks. They had different fairy tales in each window but displayed so creatively, like an enchanted fashion week! They turned on Christmas music, so you could hear it all around the block. Macy’s also had a really cool display of Santa on all the different planets.

The Christmas tree was amazing. I have always watched the special on TV each year where they light the tree, and am a huge Kevin McCallister fan. So, seeing the tree in person for the first time was really neat!

Here are my pics: most of them were taken on my phone and are poor quality, but I just had to share the windows from Saks!


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