Christmas Day 2016

Christmas fell on a Sunday this year which I really enjoyed. Eva woke up around 8 and then we woke Finny Babe up and headed downstairs. Finn couldn’t stop saying, “Woah!” Which was the cutest thing ever and Eva was excited about all of her toys from Santa. It was such a precious morning together as our little family. We then got ready for church and headed over to TJ’s parents’ home for brunch, which I made a French toast casserole for. Church was a nice Christmas program filled with lots of music, but Finn was pretty noisy so I had to take him out for a lot of it, unfortunately. After church, we relaxed and played in the snow for a bit, then had dinner with TJ’s parents and sister’s family. We got to FaceTime with my family that afternoon and then we headed home around bedtime. Once the kids were in bed, TJ I finished up a few Christmas movies. It was a great day and I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since it all happened.

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