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Christmas Cookie Exchange

I am thinking about throwing a Christmas Cookie Exchange with a friend of mine and I am trying to figure out the details. I don’t want to make tons of beautiful cookies and have them be exchanged and replaced by some Oreos or something. Oreos are great, but they’re not quite cookie exchange material. But how to I tell people that? How do I ensure that I invite people who understand this!? I wanted to invite my whole relief society because it would be a fun get-together and nice way to meet more people.

Any suggestions? Should I make invitations instead of an open event? I guess it has to be open now that I blogged about it, but let’s be honest… the majority of the hits I get on this site are from my Mom and Hannah. So, Mom and Hannah (which clearly you’d still be invited even though you’re not in my RS, don’t worry) and anyone else out there, what should I do?

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  1. mom
    mom says:

    Thanks for asking my opinion. Open it up to the ward, but don’t go hog wild on making your own cookies. Then if you end up with some cookies that aren’t the best, you won’t be disappointed. But the season is all about giving, and what better way to give, than to invite everyone to come. Or you could ask people to bring ingredients, and you alll could make some cookies together. Whatever you do, I’m sure it will be great. Wish I could come!

  2. Sean
    Sean says:

    Others read your blog too :p

    Even though I guess I wouldn’t be invited, I’d try to follow the model of a black-tie invitation… And make the invite look super classy. Like Coco Bean.


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