Christmas Book Roundup: Week 1

If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw my post about reading a new Christmas book to Eva each night (most of them are from the library) and then wanting to review them here. We finished our first batch and wanted to share:

img_0008-13 The Golden Christmas Tree: Yeah, we were not fans of this book. I can’t even remember what it was about, that’s how lame of a story it was.

img_0001-13I Love Christmas: This one was cute but for a younger audience than Eva’s.

img_0002-9Little Bunny Finds Christmas: I loved this one. The repetition and flow of the book was well done and the story was simple and sweet. That night in Eva’s prayers, she even mentioned some things she learned in the book. Very cute!


Reindeer Christmas: I enjoyed the classic Christmas illustrations in this book and the rhyming was also cute.


Santa Claus and the Three Bears: A Christmas twist on the Goldie Locks story. Eva really liked this book.


The All-I’ll-Ever-Want Christmas Doll: I thought this one looked interesting but it was for an older age group than Eva’s because it’s set back during the depression and Eva just didn’t really understand.


Looking for Christmas: This was the first Christmas book we read this season and it made me cry because it was such a sweet message. The snowman is searching for Christmas and on his journey, gives all of his belongings to woodland creatures that need it more than him. It was such a beautiful yet simple message. It’s only $5 on Amazon, so get this one!

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