Cheeseburger Pie

My mom gave me this talk about how I need to cut fats out of my diet so I stay trim and am not at risk for certain diseases and health problems.  So, I have been trying my hardest to do so, although this weekend probably put me closer to a heart attack considering it was the 4th of July and all I did was eat.

As I have been considering recipes to cook, it’s been harder and harder to find recipes that are easy and healthy.  I’m finding out that those two adjectives rarely exist together in a meal.

Well last night I made Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie.  If you check out the nutritional info, it’s definitely not the healthiest recipe in my Betty Crocker cookbook. But it certainly was delicious.

To satisfy my mother’s desires, I did modify the recipe a little bit, which hopefully cut down some of the fat.  I cut the amount of shredded cheese in half, exchanged ground turkey for the ground beef (which tastes exactly the same), used skim milk, and put a little less bisquick in the mixture.

Anyway, it was a great recipe.  T.J. loved it, which makes me feel like a good wife, which then makes me happy.

So, if you’re looking for something that’s easy, takes just a few ingredients, and will make your husband happy, give this a try.  Don’t forget to modify the recipe a bit to ease your mother’s worries.

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  1. Hannah Judd
    Hannah Judd says:

    Go to and subscribe to her daily emails. She has awesome healthy versions of normal recipes and grocery lists and what not. Mabes you’ll love it? I’m only commenting because you said you want more feedback!


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