Chasing Pavements

I love thunderstorms in Utah. I think I love them so much just because they don’t occur often. So when we have a good, warm rain, I feel like my skin can finally breathe again.

But there’s one downside to rain:


I hate worms. I hate how they’re everywhere after a rainstorm.

When I was a kid, there would be lots of worms in our garage after a big rain. I would have my Dad carry me to the car because I was so grossed out by them. Even if I had shoes, I hated thinking worm guts would be on my soles.

So, this morning when I was walking to school, I noticed something horrible. Worms. Everywhere, because of that big storm we had last night. So I had a choice: Walk normally and step on worms, leaving wormy residue on my shoes OR look like an idiot and avoid each and every worm.

I chose the latter.

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