Catholic for one night a year

I’ve mentioned this on here before, but on Christmas Eve, my family and the Dorans (our old neighbors who are basically a part of the fam) go to a Catholic church in Cincinnati to hear my dad play the trumpet and my sister play the violin for the midnight Mass. I love this tradition because it puts the focus back onto our Savior and the Priest always has such a touching story to share with the congregation.

It was so special to share this specific evening with T.J. this year. I loved seeing him become a part of my family and so willingly participate in all of our family’s traditions. I’m so blessed to have such a kind (and cute… check out his skinny tie) husband!

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  1. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    your hair is getting so long and i love it!

    also, remember when we went to catholic mass? but before that we went to the completely wrong side of town where no such cathedral exists? great times 🙂

    p.s. tj’s tie is ADORBS!


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