The Dry Bar

On a Friday night in May when TJ was out of town, I got a babysitter and got to celebrate a birthday for a new but dear friend of mine! We have been serving in the same calling this year and it’s been so fun to get to know each other! We had dinner in Provo then went to the Dry Bar, a comedy club downtown with clean comedians. The venue was so cool and the comedians did not disappoint. In fact, I laughed so much, my face hurt from smiling so much at the end of the night! You definitely have to check it out. The next season of shows start in June.

The Dinosaur Museum

One Monday in May, we watched Eva’s buddy for the afternoon and since it was rainy, I took them to the museum. Finn pretty much had the best time of his life and roared 100% of the time while he walked around. Isn’t this photo hilarious?

The Tulip Festival

The second half of April was actually pretty rainy and cold, so I felt like the Tulip Festival didn’t have too many awesome days like they did last year. But thankfully, one Monday it brightened up for us, and I took the kids with my friend and her kids. It was a beautiful day, and the gardens did not disappoint, as usual. I can’t believe that this place is virtually in our backyard. We are so luck to have Thanksgiving Point so close and to have a pass!

Farm Country

I’m pretty sure I have ten farm posts on here because we go so often, but I can’t NOT document these photos or this trip. First off, there were tons of baby animals, which I loved. And second, look how sweet Eva is here petting those baby goats! Melt my heart. Third, Finn was so scared that night. The animals, we’ve noticed, are so much noisier in the evenings. And Finn, although he talks a lot of talk about animals, apparently when they make noises, he is actually not the fan he pretends to be. He was a nervous wreck the whole night, excluding when looking at the (quiet) bunnies. Isn’t that toothy grin so adorable? I thought he looked so much like a Swainhart baby here! And yes, he wore Eva’s puppy purse around the whole night. We love that farm so much!


State Capitol

A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law had a presentation here in Utah so she and my brother came to down for the weekend. We got to spend a few hours with them up in SLC and explored the Capitol a bit. It was the first time for any of us going inside and we were all blown away with how beautiful it was.

Fun fact (sarcasm): Finn had a diaper blowout, I didn’t have diapers or wipes with me because I had thought we were just going on a short nature walk and I had just changed him (blowouts don’t happen anymore with this kid, so it was a surprise). It was one of the worst ones ever and was straight out of some movie where I was in the bathroom with him, trying to make the situation a little better, but the diaper had to be thrown away, leaving him diaper-less and sitting on my back in my ergo for another half hour. By some sort of miracle (and a lot of paper towels that I shoved down the front of his pants), he didn’t have any accidents and I was able to get a diaper on him without any leakage on my back. Oh man… of course it happened THAT day!

Warmer Days

We have had a pretty great March, when it comes to weather. We’re back to cold days right now, but at least we had a bunch of warmer days where we spent all of daylight outside! We explored new parks and just hung out in the backyard quite a bit. Eva’s favorite thing to do right now is to go in the back BACK yard outside of our gate and play with neighborhood kids. It’s pretty adorable to see her meet new people, introduce herself, and enjoy being outdoors so much. I remember as a kid, we’d play in the woods and in the creeks all the time, so I’m glad Eva likes getting outside too!

A Warm February Saturday

The weekend TJ had to work so much, it was really nice out so I took the kids up to Temple Square and City Creek that morning. They played in the play area while I got to relax and eat Chick Fil A, great time as a mom. I loved watching the kids explore Temple Square. I got Finny out and let him walk around and have the time of his life. Needless to say, he took a great nap that day.

A Date with the Jazz

TJ got free tickets to the Jazz Game one night and I actually was able to go! He’s gone to lots of games but I never was able to make it. It was so fun to be in the suite and watch a really close game with TJ.

Hot and Cold

We had TONS of snow in January. I thought we’d have the mound of snow in our front yard until Spring but then we had really nice weather for a few days in February. It’s snowed since then, but having a few mild days here and there has made it so I really haven’t minded this Winter. The snow actually makes it so beautiful and they clear the streets so quickly around here, it never is an issue.

Here are photos from the really cold and the really nice days!

The Zoo

November was so nice, so we took an afternoon and spent it at the zoo with Eva’s cousins. All the animals were out and it was the first time Finn has been to the zoo and actually cared! He loved all the animals, it was so cute watching him take it all in. We even got to see them feed the elephants. What a beautiful Fall day!

I’m looking at these pictures and suddenly realizing why Finn probably was sick so much this month… Just some monster kisses to the otter statue at the zoo. Annnddd of course, being the great mom I am, I took a picture of it before telling him to stop. Agh!

img_0306 img_0311 img_0309 img_0312