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Live Everyday, Love Everyday

(Okay, you caught me, I was listening to HSM when writing this post, hence the title…)

Last night, T.J. and I headed up to his parents to visit with his family. After some delicious turkey burgers (which I plan on buying asap because I was so surprised on how delicious and filling they were), we played a round of croquet. I didn’t play my best round, in fact, I was horrible, but we had so much fun. Probably the best moment was when T.J. learned how to hit the ball from behind, said,

“This is awesome!”

And then, hit his ankle. I felt bad for the poor guy, but it was hilair.

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People Watching

I learned when I worked at a snow cone shack back in Kentucky how much I enjoy people watching. I used to sit in that little blue Snowie bubble and watch all the strange/funny/unique people go by.

Well, we have Seven Peaks season passes and so we went last night and this afternoon for some good fun in the sun. Although the place was disgustingly packed and I can’t get over my phobia of walking barefoot in a public ground (my legs are sore from walking on my tippie toes all day), the people there are fascinating to watch making the experience worth it.

My favorite group this afternoon to watch was a group of three high-school boys. I wish I had my phone or camera to take a picture of them. They all had their swim trunks a little low so you could see their “fruit of the loom” boxer briefs underneath, they were wearing their aviator sunglasses in the pool, they would walk in a straight line and not ever smile. They walked back and forth scoping out the scene, not saying a word to each other. T.J. and I couldn’t stop laughing at them whenever they walked by. They were hilarious! Oh man.

Another thing that happened at Seven Peaks today was slightly humiliating. My mom taught me to bring in food to places where they charge too much for snacks. Like the movie theater. We had our little bags of pretzels or candy from the grocery store. Well, because I’m now in the second trimester and constantly hungry, I NEEDED to bring in food to Seven Peaks, even though it wasn’t allowed. We didn’t bring in bags because they check them plus we don’t want our stuff to get stolen, so we hid a bag of gold fish in my towel and a bag of graham crackers in T.J.’s. Last night they didn’t ask us to shake out our towel, so I thought we’d be safe.

Not so.

We got up to the gate and the security guy asked us to shake out the towel. I look at T.J., pretended to shake out the towel then almost bursted into tears saying how I’m pregnant and need food so I tried to sneak in these snacks. The guy said it was fine, wrapped the snacks back in the towels and told us pregnant women are the exception.

SO embarrassing, but it all worked out!!!