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Looking Back

Today I learned that you can do minor edits on YouTube. That’s why that last video of Eva has that corny music, overused filter, and cuts off instead of just fading out. But it’s better than the boring videos and it’s kind of fun to use. So, I did two more from our wedding and it’s inspired me to finally edit all of our footage from the wedding (on Final Cut, not YouTube). Looks like I’ll be taking some trips to campus soon.


It is Better to Look Up

We just found out that T.J. is interviewing in New York City for internships this summer at the end of February. He was one of four chosen in his class to have interviews set up for him, whereas the rest of the class have to get interviews themselves. I am so excited for him. Finally, all of his hard work and countless hours on campus have paid off.

But I’m going to get real for a minute. All this uncertainty of what is going to happen is really getting to me. I just wish we had more answers right now, but we will have to wait for a couple of months until we know exactly when and where he will be interning, if the internship will be paid, and if Eva and I will get to go with him.

That last part obviously is what has me worried. I’m fine with whatever happens, but obviously I hope I don’t have to spend three months away from T.J. No matter what though, T.J. needs to get an internship in NYC because being a graphic designer in this economy is tough and so having that background on his resume is critical.

If we could just fast forward to March already so we can find out some more answers, I would greatly appreciate it.

Until then, I will be on my knees praying and remembering Elder Cook’s talk from last conference.

It is better to look up.


In {Two} Years Time

On this day two years ago, T.J. and I got engaged. You can read the engagement story here. I cannot believe how fast time flies! Today we are happily married and celebrating the one month birthday of our little Eva.

I love you, T.J., and I am so grateful to have you in my life. Chipped tooth and all.


No Substitutes

Tonight we went to this Chinese restaurant on 3rd South… I can’t remember the name, but it was pretty good and so cheap. I told T.J. I wouldn’t judge it by it’s cover, although the lighting in there was pretty sketch. Overall, I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars, it lost one star because I asked if I could replace my eggroll for a wonton and she said without question, “No.” She kind of scared me.

“Don’t put that in your blog!”

T.J. is sitting next to me right now eating some breakfast. I have this new, plush robe on that I got for the hospital (I’m just breaking it in…) and T.J. rubbed my arm and said,

“You’re like a woolly…”

Then he paused. I looked at him. He smiled and tried again,

“You’re like a woolly SKINNY mammoth.”

There ya go.

To all the men out there, don’t call your wife (especially your pregnant wife) the name of an animal that weighed 8 tons. But if you do, follow T.J.’s footsteps and add the word “skinny.” It makes all the difference. HA.

A New Nickname

We have a ginormous lovesac in our living room now (long story of how it got there but we didn’t have to pay for it) and although I was mad about it taking over our living room at first, I now love it. It is so comfy. I sit in it cross legged a lot and so you can’t really see my legs, you just see a round belly atop a bean bag. And to get out of it, I have to do a lot of rolling… it’s a drawn out process. Anyway, this whole thing has now led T.J. to calling me

Humpty Dumpty.

Thank you, sweet husband.

Favorite T.J. Saying

I missed you tonight when you were sleeping.

(I took a nap on the couch right next to him.)


Here’s something you may not know about T.J. and me. We call each other Bushka. I don’t know where it came from or how it started, we’re not the type of people to call each other by terms of endearment. But last fall we started calling each other Babushka (which I hear means Grandma in Russian) one day. Soon, that got shortened to Bushka and sometimes has been feminized to Bushki. We have some other versions, like Bobbibushka and Bobbibobbibushka… I’ll just stop there because you probably think we are crazy now.

It’s really embarrassing because now it is a habit. We’ll be out in public and call each other Bushka instead of by our first names. We even have started calling our baby, Baby Bushka.

Why am I telling you this? I wanted to write a gushy/loveydovey post about T.J. but didn’t want you to get completely bored. So there you have it.

I am particularly grateful for “Bushka” right now because he has been trying to make more time for me. He has come home for dinner and lunch even when he has lots of homework, and has even planned a couple of dates. I understand when T.J. is busy and realize that right now we both have to sacrifice. Getting an education is extremely important and I’m so happy he loves what he does, but I also love it when I get to see him more than usual. It makes all the difference to my day if I get to spend a little time with him. Last weekend he took the ENTIRE weekend off to be with me and is doing the same this weekend (minus a couple of hours this morning to finish up some work). It’s been wonderful.

Anyways, thank you T.J. I love you so much and am so proud of how hard you work!


This is what T.J. got me for Christmas last year… It was the sweetest/most thoughtful/funniest gift ever!

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24 Hours of Driving Later…

… and we’re finally back home!

Hannah and I made it safely back last night. There were some crazy drivers, roads, and towns (or should I call them villages?), but I am in Provo and loving the beautiful mountains surrounding me!

I got a call from T.J. on our way back saying that he had a surprise for me. I finally got what the surprise was out of him: he made dinner for me! He has never done this. Well, there might have been an occasional grilled cheese or french toast when I was in my first trimester and couldn’t stand the smell of anything cooking. But besides that, this was the first real meal he has made me since we got married. It was chicken breasts with a tasty coating (he mentioned he put paprika in it… I was impressed that he even knew what paprika was!) and a side of vegetables. Of course the way he put it all together was adorable and artistic: the veggies were in this perfect circle (maybe he used the ice-cream scooper?) and there was a streak of mustard sauce going down the center like in a fancy restaurant. And the real surprise was the clean kitchen when I arrived home.

I have the best husband!


So, I am going to be in Provo for about 3 days and then I leave for my other trip to Washington DC to visit my sister Mary Beth and her family (this one also cost me nothing because I’m flying Standby)! I can’t wait to see my darling nieces Claire and Amelia! I can wait for the flight from Long Beach to DC though. That’s going to be a long one!


The start of something new…

7:45 a.m.

T.J., let me take your picture!

Katie, that’s embarrassing!