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Late nights with my laptop


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Homemade Enchiladas and Catch Phrase

When you aren’t dating, going to a new ward at church is great. I would try to meet people and get to know everyone’s names. I’d scope out the boys and try to get asked out on dates.

When you are dating/engaged, it’s a little less enthralling.  Last year I only got to know a few girls in my ward, and only knew the names of my home teachers.

When you’re a newlywed, going to a new ward is a new experience.  Suddenly, the social scene doesn’t play a big part anymore, because you have your best friend and husband right next to you.  Trying to get to know a whole ward seems tiring and useless… at first.

But I’m sick of not knowing anyone!  I hate not having people sit by in Relief Society.  I mean I introduce myself to people and everyone is friendly, but as soon as the meeting is over, we go our separate ways.

My favorite thing in college used to be going to a new ward and meeting everyone, attending activities, and having parties.  Why does all of that fun have to end when you get married??

Answer: It doesn’t have to and I won’t let it!

So last night, in effort to make new friends and have fun as a married couple, we invited a girl in our ward over.  My darling friend’s husband is away for a year in the National Guard.  We pretty much became instant friends through Facebook and blogging and I’ve been dying to hang out with her.  Then, I asked her to bring any couple she knew from the ward over as well, so we could get to know a few other people.

I made homemade enchiladas (thank you, Betty Crocker), spanish rice, and a fruit salad.  I was so excited to finally use our Fiesta yellow plates and fruit dishes.  I just love being the host and throwing a dinner party.  When you have people to cook for, it is so much more fun!  But sometimes when I am cooking for two, I don’t have too much motivation. Anyway, dinner was great and it was fun to get to know our new friends.  It was nice to talk to people that were in the same situations as us, and to hear their stories and relate to them.

T.J. and I decided we want to do this at least once a month, so we get to know more people in the ward (and so I have someone to sit by in RS).  So, let me know if you want to come over and we’ll get the party started!


You know you're po' when…

Meet Blair.

We’ve been the best of friends for years.  Probably since 4th grade.  We’ve got countless inside jokes, but the most classic and ongoing of these jokes has to be our “You know you’re po’ when…” set of jokes.

It all started because, well… Blair and I were poor.


But poor.

One Christmas, Blair was allowed to buy pump hand soap at the grocery store, instead of the normal bar soap.

And there we have the first “You know you’re po’ when…” joke.

You know you’re po’ when you get pump soap for Christmas.

Here are a few more than erupted throughout the years, all based off of personal experiences.

  • You know you’re po’ when the most common number on your FAFSA is 0.
  • You know your [parents are] po’ when you’re adjusted gross income is higher than your theirs.
  • You know you’re po’ when you have Roseart crayons and markers.
  • You know you’re po’ when getting a lunchable is the greatest day of your life.

And there you have it, folks.  If you have any more, let me know!



nostalgic |näˈstaljik; nə-|adjective- characterized by or exhibiting feelings of nostalgia

I have a coworker who is an incoming Freshman.  I talked to her about living on campus, going to all the events and games, moving away from home, fun classes to take.  And after the long talk, I felt nostalgic.

I’m a Senior.  I have two semesters left, college is almost over.  Where did all the time go?

I remember a few days before I left for BYU my freshman year, my mom said the cheesiest thing ever.  But it apparently stuck with me.  I was hanging out with a few friends in the basement and she stuck her head in the room, crying, and said,

“I wish I could bottle up this laughter and save it for ever.”

Wow, that is disgustingly cheesy, but mom’s are allowed to say those things, right?

Well, now that college is wrapping up with just less than a year left, I want to “bottle up” all the memories I’m having and save them for later, because getting old just sounds miserable.

During my Freshman year, my mom told me I needed to write everything down in my journal so I could remember it all later and I, stupidly, replied,

“But Mom, I don’t want to remember these times.”

What an ignorant remark.  Here I am nostalgic, and the more I dwell on it, homesick, and a few years ago I told my mom I didn’t want to remember these memories?

As Michael Scott would say,

“Well well well, how the turntables…”

Anyway, to help cope with my nostalgia and save a few memories forever, here are a few pictures of my time here at BYU.




Eclipse. Was. EPIC.

I hear the second time you see it, at a normal hour and when you aren’t loaded up on sugar and caffeine to stay awake, it just doesn’t have as much power, but I refuse to believe it.

The EPIC night started off by eating at El Gillo Giro, my new favorite mexican restaurant (a post about that is soon to follow), filling our stomachs with delicious burritos, enchiladas and free chips and salsa.

When we arrived at the movie theater, it was 8:00 pm.  We thought we probably had some time to walk around the mall for a while after we picked up our tickets, but turns out the Provo Towne Center was the place to be to watch the movie.  People already were camped out with their blankets, laptops, cutouts, t-shirts, memorabilia, pizzas, ice cream, dinners, and my favorite, lawn chairs (brought by two women over sixty years old).

So we found our place in line, set up camp, and waited around.  For 4 hours.  We watched a lot of YouTube videos, ate a lot of candy, took a bunch of videos and pictures, and watched the second Twilight movie.

Finally midnight rolled around and we were let into our theater, and the movie was starting in 20 minutes.  We rannnnnnnnn to the theater, knocked down children, fought for seats, stole some popcorn (more or less of all that is true), and got perfect seats for the film.

Needless to say, I cried several times in the movie, including the proposal scene.  I loved the part when they were in the tent, for several reasons 🙂 anddddd I loved that Edward actually acted in the movie, instead of staring at the camera, all white and gangly.

Anyway, the event was a success.  Here are a few pictures from the evening.


Kadanalana Ding Dong

Dear Danica Budge,

YOU are leaving for Wales on Friday for the rest of the summer (in case it hasn’t hit you yet).  The office, and life in general, just won’t be the same without you.  No more updates, no more Cocoa Bean Runs, no more drive-bys, no more Wendy’s, no more accidents in the office, no more advice to Christopher on dating, no more TV gossip.  No more Danica.  Until FALL!

Although you’re just leaving for a month and a half, it kind of feels like you’re dying, or at least, quitting your job.  So to mourn your loss, I have created a poem just for you!

D is for Daring.

This is because you walk on the edge, dance in the streets, and take those little dares that make your life just a little more fun and filled with gossip.

A is for Audacious.

This is because you’re spunky.  No one can deny that you’ve got that extra little attitude, making you who you are and why you probably could have been named “Jordan” or “Taylor”.

N is for Noteworthy.

This is because you always make an impression.  That’s why the employees at the Cocoa Bean remember your name (and not mine), that’s why people in the office are always saying, “Hey did you hear about Danica?” and that’s why you have a billion people who love you b/c you’re just that awesome.

I is for Interactional.

This is because you’re social and social doesn’t start with an S.  You are the life of the party, but know when to lie low when the time is right.

C is for Classy.

This is because you love Gossip Girl.  Almost as much as me.

A is for Alluder

Although alluder is not a word, it should be.  This is because you are constantly referencing quotes and stories from TV shows and movies.  What would we do if we didn’t have those quotes to describe other stories and things going on in our life?  It just wouldn’t be the same.

Okay, so this turned out to be wayyyyyy more sentimental, but since I heard you cried in Dear John, I thought I could try to make you cry.  I doubt it worked, but the point IS: WE WILL MISS YOU!  But you’ll be back soon and maybe we can even go on a road trip together again!




When I say Tri-date, I don’t mean T.J. and I are going on a triple date.

I mean, Hannah Judd….

+ Katie Derrick….

are going on a date with Jacob Black