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Baby, Baby, Baby

First off, I can’t really describe how great the Justin Bieber movie is. You just need to see it. Even if you don’t like his style of music, it is just an entertaining, inspiring movie. Plus, I think we need to support movies that are clean and motivational. So much of the media is dirty and degrading, and so it was refreshing to finally see a fun movie that had a good message.

Let me paint you a little picture:

I got to the theater at about 10 PM, which is much later than previously planned. Usually, I arrive to midnight showings around seven to get the WHOLE experience and to get a good place in line. But this didn’t have as big of a following, seeing that most of the believers would need their moms to drop them off or even stay with them through the entire movie.

The theater was empty, with the exception of about two other groups: about 3 or 4 high school girls and a handful of obnoxious freshman boys.

As soon as I walked in, I knew it was was going to be an awesome experience full of stories. The boys got out of their seats and filed into the row right behind me. Seeing that I was alone, they thought they could have a little fun, I guess? I immediately got Hannah on the phone, using my left hand. The boys were talking to me, I pretended not to notice and then I heard one say, “Oh, she’s got a ring on…”

I got off the phone and one of the boys said, “Sooooo, is your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband joining you tonight.”

Wishing I could say yes, I had to tell them no my husband was at home and I was meeting a girlfriend of mine here.

They immediately left and went back to their original seats, but Hannah and I heard them through the whole movie making loud obnoxious comments.

Finally, Hannah met me and we got to watch some kids make T-Shirts in the theater. Thought they would have gotten in trouble, but no one seemed to care. We saw some more great flirting go down and were reminded how lucky we were to finally be out of that stage of life.

This is my asian friend, Hannah.

Then the movie started. We laughed. We cried. We sang. We danced. It was THE best movie premiere I’ve been to, and went down as one of the best movies I have ever seen. Sad, but true. I’m so glad we decided to go, I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money, but boy was I wrong.

I am a believer of Justin Bieber. If you can figure out a way for me to convince T.J. to let me hang up a poster of Justin in our bedroom, let me know. Please and Thank you.


Camera in a Bag

Today’s memory of the day is from two summers ago. Blair, Anna, and I wanted to take pictures at the pool. Underwater. But our cameras were not waterproof, so Blair had the brilliant idea to put her camera (not mine) in a few ziplock bags. Worked like a charm. A bit cloudy, but still fun.


Sisters at Heart

I try to live vicariously through Blair.


In [three] years time

Three years ago, I was a little freshman in Harris Hall over in the dorms. January came upon us and, for all of you who don’t know what that meant, all I can say is LOST.

Yes, LOST was starting back up and I didn’t have my usual crowd from back home to watch it with me. So, one thing led to another and my Visiting Teachee’s roommate said,

I’ll watch LOST! Let’s be best friends!

And so we did. And we were.

This best friend of mine turned 22 years old today. I want to wish Hannah, my multicultural friend (pick your favorite: Asian, Mexican, Eskimo-an, South African, British) who I watched LOST with just three years ago, a very happy Birthday!

Our friendship is unique. It just works. We compliment each other and always have a ball together. Whether it’s to share the latest gossip… er… I mean…news, to stay up all night and watch old movies, cleaning our rooms (but mostly Hannah’s room), seeing midnight movies, going on road trips, Facebook stalking, or wedding planning, Hannah’s been the best!

So, here’s to you, Hannah! Thanks for watching Lost with me. Thanks for not making fun of me when I cry all the time, letting me clean your room, teaching me how to make cupcake bites, taking me to Easter dinner that one time, helping me Facebook stalk, not getting mad when I don’t plan anything ahead, being the best Maid of Honor, exposing me to Ingrid, taking so many classes with me through the years, not judging me when I got food out of the vending machines during church, getting me to go the gym, introducing me to our newest bestie (hint: starts with a Shoe and ends with a Kria), letting me eat all of your popcorn balls last Halloween, speaking in abreves, sparking my addiction with the Pie Hole and everything that goes with Pushing Daisies, sharing your “candy” water with me-however gross it was, studying late in the library with me, and g-chatting with me every afternoon.

You’re the best and I hope you have a wonderful year!

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MOTD: Triple Twins


Baby, It's Cold Outside

This morning, T.J. and I headed down through the canyon to Manti. T.J.’s boss, who is a great friend of ours, was married in the Manti Temple and we were able to share that amazing experience with her and her family.

The temple was the third temple build in Utah and finished in 1888. It is absolutely beautiful inside. Intricate woodwork. Circular staircases. Vintage furniture. Large chandeliers. The sealing room was completely packed with their close friends and family. Karen and Jeff looked wonderful and just so happy! It was such a great morning and a truly a blessing for both of their lives. I am so excited for them and wish them a joyful marriage!

P.S. Photos are on their way!


My friend Becca Child is coming home TOMORROW from her mission in Macon, Georgia. Her homecoming talk is this Sunday and a few of us are going up to see her! I can’t wait!


Flying Horse

Back in sixth grade or so, my friend Megan and I were hanging out over at her house during the summer. We were super bored and had this idea. I’m not sure how it was formed (Sidebar quote from the office: “Who knows how words are formed”).

We decided to get Megan’s sister’s horse and tie a bunch of scarfs/belts to it, then dangle it out the window so she could see it flying from the floor below.

She was not happy when she saw her favorite stuffed animal flying out the window. Her mom was not happy because we created a lot of chaos in the house. Then we were told to go play at my house for the rest of the day.

Classic memory.

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Funky Facial Disguises

Today, my friend Carrie (who is also waiting to hear about the NY Internship) and I took a break and tried to regain our sanity.

After getting drinks at sonic and wishing they were alcoholic (okay, not at all. I very much keep the Word of Wisdom and would never drink alcohol. But we were joking how if there was a time we needed a “drink”– it would have been today. That’s why we decided to get something with caffeine instead of just my normal swig of water), we headed back to campus and passed Honks.

I’d never been there, just passed it a lot on my way to Smith’s. Honks, a REAL dollar store, in fact much of their stuff is less than one dollar, is “always an adventure…always…” (according to their advertising).

Impulsively, I decided to live by ol’ Vegas slogan that states:

Don’t think. Just do.

So, I pulled in and told Carrie we’re going in. And we decided to buy a few things for the others in our group because we were having our big presentation today.

For Dan, we got a pirate hook and eye patch. For Garrett, a transformer robot plane and mustache. For Frank, light up pens (he loves pens) and a 3-D Eagle photograph with my added bit of inspiration- “SOAR!”

It was great. We found tons of treasures. And only spent like 3 dollars each. But the best treasures of them all were the mustaches we got from the vending machine.

Mine looked too much like a real-nasty bleached peach fuzz mustache, so I will not be posting that photograph. But here’s Carrie’s awesome one:

Turns out, the trip to Honks was really what we needed to feel better and lighten the mood from this disappointing and busy week.