Christmas Craft Exchange

My friend Holly and I threw a Christmas Craft Exchange with the ladies in my neighborhood. As always, I was amazed at everyone’s creativity! So many cute gifts!

I made this garland for the exchange.



We went to Arizona for Thanksgiving to visit my brother and his wife. My parents flew in, along with my uncle and aunt, and my other uncle who I hadn’t seen in about fifteen years. It was so great to see everyone and spend a few days in the sunny weather!

Thanks for having us, Sam & Ashley! 

Rest stop on the way down there!

Unfortunately, the first night we were there, both kids threw up through the night and the last night we were there, TJ threw up in the night. One of the reasons we left a little early was because I was so worried I would get it and just wanted to be home before it started. But I never did!

Dinner was delicious and the table looked beautiful!

Great weather!

Going topside at the park

We spent lots of time outside.

My Uncle Jeff! I cried when we saw him because it had been so long!

My dad with his two brothers. My other uncle has been very sick so it was such a miracle to get to be with him and see him so healthy! We love you, Uncle Tim!

In the evening, Sam would bring out the TV for us to have a movie night in the stars. They sure know how to throw a party.

My little monkey

Delicious burgers  My hotdog man

Eva overcame her fear of dogs (at least of the three dogs at their house) and LOVED walking them each day.

Movie night!

Eva loves her Nana!

Game night was hilarious!

Thanksgiving dinner outside 

Eva got a birthday present from her aunt and uncle!

Testing out the new toy

My cute parents

Uncle Sam all dressed up

Half of the fam

Got to see my BFF Ashley who was also in town visiting her in-laws! She is expecting two boys!!! I’m over-the-moon excited for her!

Halloween Parties

TJ’s parents threw a cousin Halloween party for the kids. They decorated sugar cookies, had a dance-off, watched a few Halloween shows, and did a few little crafts together.

Holly and I dressed up as Mario and Luigi for our class.
The kids were pirates for Halloween. I thought they were pretty cute! 

TJ was a Banky painting. It was all TJ’s idea… but so clever! I dressed up as the mysterious Banksy, so I wore all black and carried around a bottle of spray paint.

Finn is always scowling at someone. But the Halloween party at church was great! They had lots of games for the kids and then a chili cook-off. I won Most Unique Chili (which TJ said was like the sweet spirit award haha!) but hey, I love it. I put cinnamon in the chili… it’s a Cincinnati secret.

Trick or treating with all of the neighbors was the best. We started early because it was going to be a cold night. It was fun running around with everyone and seeing those cute kids run from house to house. Finn was NOT into it, wouldn’t really even wear his costume or get out of the stroller. Maybe next year.

I got to help in Eva’s class for her Halloween party. I’m so grateful that I can help in her class from time to time. What a sweet treat!

Jazz Games

TJ works as a Graphic Designer for Vivint and the Jazz play at the Vivint Arena in SLC, so because of that, we get a lot of free tickets to games and events. We’ve lucked out even more this year because TJ designed the HomeCourt space ( see some of the photos below) for Vivint in the arena so he has had to go even more than usual to make sure everything is in order. Each time has been such a blast, usually we get free dinner there in the Toyota Club and the seats are great. One time, in fact, we were on the literal first row. The tickets said they were $3K a piece… holy cow! It was incredible/nerve-wracking/amazing. I was so worried I would somehow trip or spill something and ruin the game. So, I did not move the entire game! During half time, everyone left around me and when the Jazz came back to warm up, I was the only one there and I felt like they were putting on a show for me. I even got to throw a ball back to one of the players! My heart was racing, I was so star struck! Haha!

z Ga

Fall Festivities

We went to the Library Halloween Night. They had all of these Halloween stories out that you read as you walked through the aisles. The lights were off and we used flashlights to read. It was such a fun evening.

We made lots of sugar cookies!

We drove through the Alpine Loop to see the leaves.

We went to many pumpkin patches.

We checked out the scarecrow festival (twice) with friends in the neighborhood.

We carved pumpkins. Which one is mine and which one is TJ’s?

Vivint Night at Lagoon

One Thursday evening in September, TJ’s work rented out Lagoon and provided tickets and dinner to their employees. We had a few extra so we even got to bring along our neighbors, Zach and Olivia. Eva loved getting to ride all the kid rides as much as she wanted since there weren’t really any lines and I loved not having to make dinner that night haha! We are so grateful for TJ’s work and all that they do for their employees!

To Vegas and Back

You may or may not know that I worked for my dad’s marketing business. I just work part time from home and have done so since college. It’s a perfect little gig and nice to have my dad as my boss. Last month, one of our clients needed help at the Interbike show in Vegas so I got to meet my dad down there for a few days. I don’t know if I was much help, but it definitely was fun getting away for a couple of days and working alongside my dad. Thanks, for having me, Dad!

Pioneer Day in Southern Utah

TJ’s mom is from a town called Enterprise which is near St. George and they always have a cute parade and activities for Pioneer Day. So, we decided to head down there last weekend for the rodeo and the parade, as well as to visit with TJ’s extended family. The trip was so relaxing and a perfect little getaway.

One funny thing I don’t want to forget was at the rodeo. Eva made friends with the little girl sitting next to us. She had caught a chicken at the rodeo during one of the events and she brought it back to her seat (which completely freaked me out). As Eva was talking to the little girl and getting to know her a bit, the girl asked Eva if she went down to try and catch a chicken too. Eva replied, “No… we don’t really want a chicken clucking around our house.” Oh my gosh. It was the funniest/cutest thing I had ever heard. I love that girl. She also kept asking if the little calves were okay or if the cowboys had killed them. She was very worried for them!

Kentucky Video

Kentucky Trip: Part 2

Once MB’s family came to town, we had such a great time catching up. Eva just adores her cousins and wants to be with them constantly. Finn and Spencer were really cute together, too. We swam at the pool a lot, went to the Cincinnati Children’s Museum, played in the backyard and did crafts together. One day we went down south an hour to visit my other sister Ashley and my uncle and aunt. The last day before we flew out, we took the kids to Coney Island for the rides. We had such a great trip with all of them and my parents, and can’t believe my sister’s family is half way around the world now!