Eva’s Dance Recital

Eva’s been in a creative dance class this year and they had their end of the year dance recital on Mother’s Day weekend. It really was fun getting her all dressed up and seeing her overcome any fear she may have had to dance on the big stage! She performed so wonderfully, remembered her dance, and even smiled! Here’s a video from the rehearsal.

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Sibling Love

Finny Babe adores his sister. When she’s in the room, he can’t keep his eyes off of her. It’s amazing how rough she can be towards him (she loves to tickle his neck but it turns into more of a pinch) and how much he can tolerate. He just keeps his big grin on his face. I love these two kids and how remarkably similar they look.

Dance Showcase

Back in December, Eva had a little dance showcase at her studio to show what she has been learning. It was so cute! She was a great little dancer and got the “Cheerful Dancer” award at the end. I’m so proud of my Eva bug!

Eva’s Birthday Celebrations

I’m still trying to catch up on old blog posts! Eva turned 4 back in December, which I did post about. But here are the photos and video! On her actual birthday, we got up early before TJ left for work so she could open up presents from us and from family. We ate donuts, sang Happy Birthday and started playing with her gifts right away! Later in the afternoon, her cousins came over for a play date where we decorated cupcakes. That evening, we took her to see The Good Dinosaur, so it was a fun filled day! Later on the weekend, we took all the kids to the Provo Rec Center! It was such a great time, it was our first time there and the kids didn’t want to leave! We will definitely be going back again.

Eva is 4!


This beautiful girl… what can I even say? I cannot believe she is four years old. I am so sad that she no longer is my sweet little baby, but am also so excited to see her grow up and watch her personality blossom.

Eva is still my little diva. She wears princess dresses 100% of the time when we are home, except for when she’s asleep. And when she’s asleep, she’s usually in a nightgown with princesses on it. Eva loves playing with dolls, her clip princesses (obviously), her new picnic board game and princess board game, and her new carriage toy. She does pretty well playing by herself, but loves playing with her cousins and gets so silly when she’s around them.

This year, Eva has become kind of sensitive, but I’m glad because she has a tender heart and is aware of those around her. She knows the difference between right and wrong (doesn’t always make the right choice 🙂 ) but knows when she’s made mistakes. She hates loud noises (although her belly laugh can be really loud sometimes!), so when kids scream or the toilet flushes loud-she wants nothing to do with it! Ha!

Eva’s favorite foods are cheese quesadillas, cheese burgers, pasta, yogurt, apples, broccoli and hummus, and of course all types of junk food, ice cream, popcorn, and candy… haha! It’s still a struggle to get Eva to eat, but finally is to the point where I can tell her she can’t get up until she eats… and it works for the most part.

The best parts of Eva’s week are when she gets to go to school, go to grandma’s house, and go to primary. She really loves getting out and doing activities. We try to go to the library for their story times and puppet shows, she does a dance class each week, and we go to a music class together too (when we can make it out the door on time… Finn definitely slows us down recently). Every morning she says, “So, Mom, what are we gonna do today?” I think she’s still my city-girl at heart and just can’t sit at home… I guess she’s like me… definitely not a homebody.

This year Eva became a big sister and adores her brother. Although I have to constantly remind her to be gentle, she always wants to give him loves!

Dear Eva Bug, please stay this sweet and funny forever. We love you so much! Happy 4th Birthday!!!
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Eva Kay Update

I’ve posted lots about Finn recently, but don’t worry… I’m still just as obsessed with Evabug. But she has given me a little bit of a run for my money recently. She has some attitude sometimes. She told me to just “go hang out and clean” instead of worrying about her making a mess. Uhm… excuse me? She definitely got in trouble for that one, but I laughed so hard when she wasn’t around.

Eva makes us laugh so much though. She is such a sweetheart and has a great imagination. After my mom was in town, I realized she went the whole week barely watching any TV so ever since, I’ve tried really hard to find other activities and just let Eva play instead of keeping the TV on. It’s been fun to see the games she comes up with. On Sunday, after her primary presentation (which she did great by the way and said her memorized line in front of everyone!), she came home and played “Primary Presenation” over and over. She pretended to be the teachers, whispering what to say and then the little kids saying their parts. Adorable.

She is a great big sister and is always wanting to kiss Finn. Eva had a cough, I told her she couldn’t kiss him that day and she cried because she was so disappointed. What a sweetheart.

School is still going great for Eva. I’m constantly amazed at what she comes home singing and learning. She is always excited to go to school and then tell me what she learned each day. I’m so grateful we were able to put her in school this year!

That’s all I can think of now. She turns four in just a short couple of months. I don’t know how that happened, but I really have loved the age 3. It’s definitely the most rewarding with the least amount of work so far!


Someone got into my makeup and put lipstick on her cheeks. She constantly is asking me to make her cheeks pink and just plain old blush doesn’t cut it!

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.32.20 PM

Here’s Eva in Primary, practicing for the primary presentation. I could hear her singing during the actual presentation when the sunbeams sang “I am a Child of God.”


A little blue mermaid princess and her brother… they have my whole heart!

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Odds and Ends

Here are a couple more photos from my parents’ visit! We had a fabulous time with them and miss them dearly! My mom helped out so much by cooking meals, cleaning, letting me nap, and playing with Eva nonstop… Eva loved doing crafts, playdoh, playing toys, going to the park a million times, and baking with my mom! Come back, parents!

IMG_0093 IMG_0091 IMG_0090 IMG_0087


Baby Day!

Turns out I’m being induced today! (I’m writing this on Tuesday, so unless I go into labor early and can’t change the date this post publishes, this should be true.) I was supposed to have my doctor’s appointment on Thursday, but the weekend before I started having some nausea and back cramps so I changed the appointment to Monday. I kept telling myself there would be no news, the doctor even agreed. But he threw me a curveball and asked if I wanted to be induced this week because there was actually some progress down there! I thought about it for about fifteen seconds, considered waiting until the next week, but selfishly decided I wanted this baby out… I’m not getting any smaller, and neither is that baby! Ha! So, there you have it. It’s baby day!

Here’s a photo of me when I was induced with Eva and her birth story… can’t believe I’m doing this again! Keep us in your prayers!


Dance Class

We got Eva enrolled in a little creative dance class at her school once a week. She asks to go everyday, so I think it’s safe to say she really enjoys it! The first day I stayed a bit and watched the class on the TV from the lobby and saw that the teacher asked them to pretend to swim like sharks. Eva decided to swim like a mermaid instead. It was so funny. Hey, it is, after all, a creative dance class!

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.13.05 AM


Eva Goes to Preschool!

I cannot believe it! My little baby has grown up into quite a big girl and has started preschool! She goes three times a week for a couple hours each day and on Monday has an extra dance class before school. The first day one of us was crazy emotional and bawled her eyes out after drop off. Eva was all smiles and didn’t even look back at me, so I guess you know who the cryer was.

TJ didn’t quite understand why I was so upset, and it’s not really that fact that she was leaving me a couple hours since I have on occasion left her with a friend or family member. It’s mostly just the milestone. Time just goes so fast, guys. And before you know it, she’ll be in kindergarten, and I think I’ll lose my mind then.

But I did get a pedicure while she was at school the first day and by the end, I thought… alright, this is not that bad of a deal! Haha! Since then though, while she’s in school, I usually get a little work done at home and run some errands. Going into Target in the middle of the day without a kid is a fresh experience and one I’ve already gotten used to in just a week and a half. But in no time, I’ll have another little baby accompanying me… and I’m completely okay with that.

Eva already has figured out how to write her name on her own (granted, she does only have three letters to spell.. but I am still so impressed!), has learned about the letters M & P, has practiced cutting on her own, done lots of fun finger paintings of monsters, penguins, and popcorn, and most of all… Eva just adores her teacher. When we are at the store or are doing a craft at home, she asks if we can get her teacher something or make her something. I think that’s pretty adorable.

Here is Eva on the first day of school:

IMG_0550 IMG_0526 IMG_0531 IMG_0518 IMG_0517 IMG_0554


And I had to document my big sparkly belly getting a pedicure, which I hadn’t done for more than a year or so: