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Let Him In

On Monday, I was so lucky to see the amazing Forgotten Carols show with my in-laws. I absolutely loved it. I had no idea that Michael Mclean was actually IN the show, along with his son and his wife! So neat. I was familiar with the music but had never actually seen the play. It really touched me and made me want to focus on the Savior this Christmas season. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

“Yes I did believe them Though I’d not seen a thing
I did not go to Bethlehem Or hear the angels sing
But there was something magic In the air
That made me feel as if I had been there

I knew that as the world moves on through time
There would be more stories just like mine
About the souls who’ve chosen to believe
In something that they never got to see

Do you think you’ll join us Though you’ve not seen a thing?
You were not there in Bethlehem To hear the angels sing
But if you feel the spirit In the air
Then just like me you’d know

That He was here, He was here
The King of kings, And Lord of lords was here”

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We got Annie!

I grew up watching and loving the original Annie musical. I also loved seeing it when local schools or theaters would perform it. Obviously, none of the remakes can compare to the original, but when I saw the preview for the new one I was so excited!

Turns out, my friend also is obsessed with this musical so we saw it on opening night! The theater didn’t have many people, except for more girls who were our age reliving their childhood haha!

My thoughts on the movie? I loved it. I mean, it was cheesy and there were dumb parts for sure. But overall, the music was really enjoyable! And the new Annie was ADORABLE! I love her so much. Probably more than the original because she’s not as obnoxious. Her voice was so sweet and seeing her a modern kid in NYC really tugged at my heart strings. Jamie Foxx was also a huge surprise. I really liked his voice, who would have known? And my favorite part? The end when they’re singing together just about a mile down the road from where I live! That was pretty awesome to see them out at Liberty State Park and on the river path I walk on! So, if you grew up loving the musical… go see it! It’s not better than the original, but it’s still a fun movie that brought me to tears a couple times and made me want to stand up and dance and sing!

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Pioneer Day Video

I was importing my videos from Disneyland off of my phone and computer when I realized I never uploaded my Pioneer Day trip video on Youtube! It’s terribly edited, just tons of little clips but I still love it. We had a great trip to Utah back in July to visit family… enjoy! Better late than never, right? Oh, and the clips of TJ and Dustin on the trampoline with their little girls kind of melts my heart!

Here is my 4th of July video. It turns out we are big fans of parades and sliding into pools.

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Share the Gift

I heard about Provo setting up the largest live nativity in the world and I immediately thought… of course, Provo would do that! It’s kind of a cheesy world record to break. But also, so awesome and so Provo, Utah. And my next thought was, why didn’t they do this five years ago when I was there at BYU and could have participated?! But then the video of the nativity with The Piano Guys, MoTab, David Archuleta and others came out today and I lost it. I seriously love the video SO much. First of all, Angels from the Realms of Glory / Angels We Have Heard on High has always been one of my most favorite Christmas hymns. Every Christmas Eve growing up, we went to Catholic Mass to hear my Dad play trumpet and they would always sing that hymn. So hearing that song which reminds me of Christmas with my family, mixed with my favorite LDS artists… it was wonderful! Watch the video and share it with others!

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Hope you enjoy these wonderful Christmas videos on this Black Friday! Let Christmas Season officially begin (even though I’ve had my decorations up for weeks)!


I {heart} NYC

I love this so much. And yes, I have one walking speed now and it’s ridiculously fast, dangerously fast when I have the stroller and you’re in the way. I can’t help it! T.J. is always telling me to slow down, but I DO NOT KNOW HOW!


This is Halloween!

Here’s a fun Halloween video to get you in a spooOOooky mood! We are kind of obsessed with Halloween around here, if you haven’t been able to tell from my Instagram. So, I loved this spoof as soon as I saw what it was about!

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Friday Five

  1. Make these faux cronuts for Sunday brunch.
  2. Dream about these comfy jogger sweats from Uniqlo.
  3. Pack for an upcoming trip to Kentucky Monday and remember our trip from a year ago when Eva looked adorable in the pumpkin patch!
  4. Get ready to watch General Conference.
  5. Watch this adorable trailer for B.J. Novak’s (Ryan from The Office) new book:

Hope y’all had a great Friday! It’s going to be an awesome weekend!

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Friday Five

  1. Learn how to de-stinkify your shoes via Beauty and the Beard.
  2. Try this new hairstyle from Daily Dose of Darling.
  3. Make these double dipped orange muffins.
  4. Buy these Camo print jeggings from Uniqlo.
  5. Watch this video, realize you’re doing your best, and actually making a difference in life.