The Bachelorette Club

Two summers ago, I went with a friend to a Bachelorette finale party. Those girls turned into my closest friends as we bonded  the next two years over a cheesy television show each week and gossiped about our favorite contestants. On Sunday nights I would be so sad about the weekend being over but then quickly remembered Monday was Bachelor/Bachelorette night (after FHE, of course) and that I’d get to see my girlfriends the next day!

As soon as we moved out here, the new season started and I was so sad about leaving the Bachelorette club. Every monday, we text about missing each other because, let’s face it, watching the show with my husband is not as fun (but to be fair, when I told him to make comments that my girlfriends would make, it’s been pretty funny and he’s actually gotten into the show).

Well, this past Monday’s episode was supposed to be epic. It was part 1 of the finale-which they never break up the finale! So, I knew I had to get together with a bunch of girls to watch the episode. I invited a couple girls in my ward, one of them reserved the theater in her apartment building, and it started again… a new Bachelorette club! I miss my Provo girls but I am so happy (as dumb as all of this sounds) to have a group again to watch the show! Hope they’re as excited as me for the finale next week!

And for those of you who have watched this season (even though it’s been pretty lame), let’s cross our fingers Brooks comes back next week and they tell us Drew will be the next Bachelor!

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Thought List


  • The biggest thing in my head is THE OFFICE SERIES FINALE TONIGHT. I have been in denial that it’s happening. Like, my best (tv) friends are coming back in the fall… they’re just pulling another prank… right? I just can’t believe it. But it will be good. I’m excited to see how they wrap everything up. If Michael Scott does not appear somehow in the finale (even a tiny clip), I will die. DIE out of heartbreak. If he DOES appear, I will die. DIE from a heart attack full of love. So, either way… it’s going to be a pretty exciting/crazy/horrible/beautiful night. 
  • We sold our car. Seriously, I cannot express how grateful we are about this. We really felt that it was the right thing to do before moving to New York. We’d have one less bill to pay and just downsize our life a bit. I know it’s going to be a transition, but it won’t be too bad in NY since there’s the subway. But anyway, a couple bought it from us Wednesday morning and we got more than we expected to get so we were able to pay off some bills too! Score! I’ll forever miss our Eggplant.
  • We are going to Southern Utah today through tomorrow. T.J.’s great-grandfather who was 103 died on Mother’s Day. It is sad because we will surely miss his sweet spirit, but he has moved on and I’m sure has been missed on the other side. It will be nice to see extended family this weekend before we leave for New York, too
  • T.J. is ONE step away from finishing his BFA final project. He has to get it done before we leave for NY… so tick tock, T!
  • THE OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!
  • We found a place to live in NYC! I think I mentioned we were going to just rent a hotel for a couple of days and find housing once we get out there but a friend of mine from high school lives in Brooklyn pretty close to where we were looking for housing. She and her husband are leaving the day our hotel stay is over for the rest of the summer. We are going to rent their apartment! It worked out PERFECTLY. It was truly a blessing and an answer to our prayers. Now we can take our time to find where we really want to live and not feel pressured into signing a place right away.
  • I really need new makeup. I generally use Almay for concealer and foundation but I feel like it doesn’t cover up dark eye circles well enough. Anyone have any suggestions? Also, I want a new brand of waterproof mascara. I buy from the grocery store so please don’t give me a tip that will cost $50.
  • I scolded Eva the other day saying, “No,” very firmly while waving my pointer finger at her. What did she do? I thought it might make her cry. But no. She did the EXACT same thing right back at me. The finger and everything. SHE IS ONLY ONE AND A HALF! What is it going to be like when she’s five? At least at that age she’ll be able to understand more clearly.
  • I don’t believe we are really going to New York in five days. It’s been talk for so long that it doesn’t feel real. EEK! Who is going to come visit us?!?

A Little Bragging

I have to put a little word out about my husband tonight. I am overwhelmingly proud of him. T.J. has worked day and night this semester. Well, really ever since he got into the BFA Graphic Design program. It comes with a lot of sacrifices, but guys… It always pays off. ALWAYS. You put good work in, you get good work out. Here are the latest examples:

Yesterday T.J. presented his final motion project. He hand drew the entire thing and then used after affects to put it together, so I’m told. I had seen him sketching for weeks, but when I saw the final video yesterday for the first time I was blown away. And for it to be about The Walking Dead, that just made it a hundred times better. Bonus: It was voted number two in the class!

Then tonight, we attended an Awards Night for the Visual Arts Department. T.J. won a talent award and the most outstanding senior award. They both came with checks, so that’s awesome.

And last but not least, we came home after celebrating with root beer floats at Sonic, already so happy and excited about T.J.’s awards. We checked our emails and found out that T.J. got into the AIGA: 100 Show, which is Utah’s most prestigious juried competition for design. Not only did he get in, all three of the pieces he submitted were accepted!

So, that’s my little tribute to T.J. I am so proud of all his hard work. He has amazing talent, dedication, and passion. Congrats, T!!!

Newest Netflix Flick

If you have Netflix, you know about the cycle. You try a new TV show, it doesn’t catch your attention, so after ten minutes into the first episode, you turn it off and search for another one. After about five attempts at new shows, you finally find one that you love and start to fall in love with the characters. You watch the entire series but then feel serious withdrawals from your latest TV besties when it’s all over. So, the cycle starts again.

After finishing Downton Abbey back in January, I’ve been looking for a new TV show to watch. I really wanted to find one that I could have on in the background while I’m packing at night when TJ is at school and Eva is asleep.

I finally found it! Felicity. It aired from 1998-2002. So, it’s a throwback to Y2K. It’s filled with overalls, butterfly clips, frumpy sweaters, chokers, and chunky heals. But besides the fashion, I really love the story line and the setting.

If you’re searching for a new series on Netflix to watch, try it out! It’s pretty dramatic and sometimes reminds me of Gilmore Girls, but that’s why I love it!


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Pre-Kentucky Trip

The Monday before I left for Kentucky (three weeks ago from today), T.J. and I tried out the Black Sheep Cafe for the first time. We have heard everyone say great things about it, so we went as soon as he got off of work. It was great, but pretty heavy food so I couldn’t eat too much. After dinner, I went over to my friend’s house to watch the finale of The Bachelor. Since it was taking place in Thailand, my friend Laura made Thai food for us (she spent last summer in Thailand). And I know it’s been a while since the finale, but can I say how happy I STILL am for Sean and Catherine? If they break up, I’m going to be utterly depressed. I love them so much.

Now that you think I’m a crazy person and thinking, “Of COURSE, they are going to break up….” I better end the post. Here a couple pictures from that Monday night.

Photo Mar 12, 1 08 56 AM

Photo Mar 11, 8 34 48 PM

Photo Mar 11, 7 28 25 PM

Photo Mar 11, 5 52 31 PM


Bachelor Nights

As I’ve mentioned before, each Monday night, a couple of my girlfriends come over to watch The Bachelor. Just when I get depressed about the weekend being over, I remember that on Monday night (after FHE, of course) it’s Bachelor night! It’s not actually about the show, because let’s face it, it’s pretty lame and so strange. But watching it together is so fun! We make fun of the whole thing, start to really care about the relationships even though we pretend not to, and eat lots of treats.

This week there was a special bonus episode on Tuesday night. Everyone came over again last night for round two! T.J. is busy with school, so it’s nice to have the company and not be alone all night. Plus, last night we had a craft night at the same time and made valentines!

What could be better than a craft night, delicious treats, and watching The Bachelor with your besties? Not much! Hey… if you watch The Bachelor, you should come watch it with us! Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll give you the deets.

Photo Feb 05, 11 41 06 PM

Photo Feb 05, 11 45 37 PM


The Following

Picture 1

I watched the pilot episode of the new series The Following. Kevin Bacon, an FBI agent, put a serial killer in jail who has a cult of believers and followers. The synopsis kind of reminds me of The Mentalist, one of my favorite shows. But it’s is much more scary and much less light-hearted! I don’t know if I can handle it because it gave me NIGHTMARES. Full on nightmares. I was being hunted by the serial killer and it lasted all night long. I woke up at one point to try to stop the dream but once I fell back to sleep, I was back in it!

Have any of you seen the show yet? It just started a week ago. Let me know what you think.



Besties Unite

I’ve shown this picture before and I’ll share it again. (Please ignore my Buckle sweater… it was a different time then… NO JUDGING!) My bestie Danica is coming over for an Office marathon/catchup-on-life-date tonight and I cannot wait. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen her.


And it wouldn’t be a post about Danica if I didn’t share a Michael Scott quote:

I’m friends with everybody in this office. We’re all best friends. I love everybody here. But sometimes your best friends start coming into work late, and start having dentist appointments that aren’t dentist appointments, and that is when it’s nice to let them know that you could beat them up. 

Newest Obsession: The Mentalist

T.J. and I have been working through the Mentalist seasons. We are on season 4 now… oh my gosh… I’m obsessed! I can’t stop talking about Red John. Have you guys ever seen the show? It reminds me of Monk but with a better looking main character. You will fall in love with the characters, especially Jane. My sister told me she even had a dream that Cho took her to Prom. How funny is that?


Would YOU survive a zombie apocalypse?

The Walking Dead, a really creepy show about zombies that T.J. is obsessed with, is back on TV.

Because of it, almost every conversation we have ties back to zombies and how we’d survive in a zombie apocalypse. He’s already planned where we would go and what we’d do if it happened. (Apparently our house is pretty bad because of all the windows, but we could live in the basement storage room if we had to.)

Here is the most recent example: Today we were driving by a friend’s house who lives at the top of a hill. I told T.J. who lived there and we talked about how nice the couple was, how they live so close, and how we should have them over. Then, out of no where T.J. said, “But they do live in a great place if there was a zombie apocalypse.”

I looked at him, like, “You have GOT to be kidding me.”

He continued, “See… it’s on a hill, so they can see all around them. But they probably would want to put up a fence or a barrier of sandbags because zombies could climb up that hill just as good as humans.”

Oh, what a crazy boy.