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Sunday Afternoons in August

I spent most Sundays in August driving and walking through the Provo Canyon.
I can’t get enough of those beautiful mountains!

Turn on the Gabe Dixon Band while you drive through the canyon. Bliss.


An Afternoon with Eva

On Saturday, Eva and I went to Seven Peaks together. It was the first time I had gone without someone else and I was a little concerned if I’d enjoy myself or if I could handle Eva without any help. For the most part, it turned out to be great. We sat in the shallow part of the wave pool for most of the time while Eva splashed and crawled in the water.

We then got a tube and tried to venture out to the deeper end of the pool to enjoy the waves. First of all, if anyone was watching me trying to get on that tube while holding Eva, they were probably laughing out loud at me. It took about four attempts, but I finally got on it. Then, while holding Eva in one arm, I paddled out to the deep end with one hand. It took a good five minutes (and gave me a good one-arm workout), but we finally got there. Once the waves turned on, more and more tubes filled the pool and Eva and I enjoyed ourselves for quite some time. But then I started worrying how I would ever get back to the shallow end. There were so many people and we were getting farther and farther out. Once the waves ended I even said a prayer that somehow I’d make it back because it seemed so unlikely. I’d make some progress but then people would push me back. A man saw me struggling and asked if I needed a push! Desperately I replied saying, “YES, PLEASE!” We made it back safe and sound and I thought it was interesting that I prayed for some help, and I literally had someone push me. Pretty cool.

Needless to say, I probably won’t do that again without someone else being there. So, Hannah… COME BACK TO PROVO! And Mom, yes, I know I probably shouldn’t have done that with Eva in retrospect. Bad parenting award goes to ME!

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Happy Birthday, President Monson!

President Monson turns 85 on August 21 and to celebrate, there was a celebration for him at the Conference Center in Salt Lake last Friday night. My friend had extra tickets and invited a couple of us girls to join her. I was able to get a babysitter and go!

The program was incredible. President Monson loves broadway music and so the night was filled with some of his favorite tunes from Annie, Les Misérables, The Music Man, Phantom of the Opera, and Cats. The Choir sang, in addition to several guest singers: one from the Met., one who was Christine in the Phantom on Broadway, and another was toured in Les Mis. I teared up in every single song because they were just so talented and the Spirit was so strong. At one point, Boy Scouts came out singing while holding flags. It was precious.

Between the songs, they showed clips from family and friends saying Happy Birthday and sharing memories of President Monson. I am always blown away when I hear about the service that he has given to the church. He is an example to us all!

After the event, we walked around Temple Square and then had dessert at The Cheesecake Factory (conveniently right across the street now at the City Creek Center… I love that place!).

Thanks, Sarah, for inviting me! It was so wonderful to have a night out spent with good friends and a wonderful concert!

(Thanks, Sarah, for the pics.)

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Grand Opening

My friend Ashley owns the Awful Waffle, a little waffle and crepe shop in Provo. It has done so well that they moved locations and expanded their menu with pizzas and gelato (to die for, btw). This week was their grand opening and the night before it opened to the public she had a friends and family event and I was lucky enough to be invited!

The new restaurant at The Village (a brand new apartment complex) is stunning! It is such a fun atmosphere and the food was fantastic. Thanks, Ashley, for inviting us and congratulations on this new stage!


Who’s Next?

My sister-in-law Lacey, who lives in Boise, was visiting for the family reunion on July 24th. Her husband is working in Spokane for a couple of months and so I told her to stay with me for two more weeks so we could keep each other company! So, as Hannah moved out, Lacey and Cohen moved in. It has been so fun to see the two babies entertain each other! Love these guys!

Enjoying the afternoon in Provo Canyon

Kicking Cousins

Isn’t this picture adorable? These kiddos were laughing and laughing at Lacey!


Cutie Pie

Here are a couple instagrams from the past couple weeks of my cutie pie!

What better way to take a bath than in the baby pool?

Snug as a bug after swimming at Seven Peaks

All tuckered out after swimming

My little giraffe


Instagrams from the Week

The morning the girls left, they were playing “4th of July.”

Eva at Stake Conference with her Papa

BBQ Ribs for Father’s Day

Playing with Blocks

There’s our little water bug!

Diva Eva thinks she’s all grown up.

Discovering how to make sound on a piano.

Eva loves baths so much, we give her one in the morning and one at night!


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