Taking a Breather

Well, we survived the week thanks to the help of our friends and family.

Monday night-the last night in our condo-Laura, Erin, and Carlee stopped by to cheer me up with lots of cupcakes and Mindy Project marathon.

Picture 13

On Tuesday, my mother-in-law watched Eva so we could get everything packed up and moved out without little hands tugging on our pants. More than a dozen people from our ward that night to help load our truck. I didn’t even load one box because they were so fast. It was remarkable and such a blessing that everything went so smoothly.

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 8.59.26 AM

Wednesday, we ran errands in Provo while T.J. finished up his last project on campus. Eva and I had to run back to the condo to pick up a couple things we forgot and as soon as Eva saw the empty house, she ran room to room saying, “Uh oh! Uh oh!” That was pretty adorable/sad. We locked the door for the final time and drove away from our condo on Pleasant View Drive.

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Thursday evening, Kelly, T.J. and I attended Commencement. We were worried T.J. wouldn’t make it because he had been up for two nights in a row and was trying to finalize his final presentation that would be shown later that night. But he made it, got to sit with his classmates, and enjoy Elder Perry’s talk too. It seemed as though Elder Perry said everything our family needed to hear. He talked of priorities and making sure you have an eternal perspective. After commencement, we went to T.J.’s class presentation and dinner. It was fun to talk to the people he has spent so much time with and to get to know his professors a bit.

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Friday was the final day of graduation. We took Eva with us so she could be a part of some of the celebration and she did surprisingly well sitting in the hall watching her daddy on the stage. The speakers were all terrific, and one quoted President Monson saying, “Your future is as bright as your faith.” I’ve always loved that quote. What a good reminder for us right now in our situation. We need to keep our faith high and hope for good things to come.

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To wrap up the week, yesterday T.J. and I went to his cousin Kendra’s wedding in Salt Lake City. Danica and Ryan watched Eva for the day which worked out more than perfectly-so it was nice to have a day in Salt Lake with my husband without running after Evabug. The sealing was beautiful and, once again, I felt like all the advice was just what our family needed to hear. Kendra couldn’t have asked for a nicer day either. It was sunny and in the 70s. It made me remember our wedding nearly three years ago in May when it was so cold and rainy-we weren’t as lucky with the weather but it was still one of the best days of my life and I love returning to the same temple where we were sealed to remember those special moments.

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And here we are. Sunday morning. We are staying with T.J.’s parents for the time being and having a graduation dinner for T.J. tonight with his family. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to this simple week. No special events, no moving, no all-nighters for T.J. Life is good.

Hope you all had a good week! Thanks for all your help, support, and prayers!


Instagram Update

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Pre-Kentucky Trip

The Monday before I left for Kentucky (three weeks ago from today), T.J. and I tried out the Black Sheep Cafe for the first time. We have heard everyone say great things about it, so we went as soon as he got off of work. It was great, but pretty heavy food so I couldn’t eat too much. After dinner, I went over to my friend’s house to watch the finale of The Bachelor. Since it was taking place in Thailand, my friend Laura made Thai food for us (she spent last summer in Thailand). And I know it’s been a while since the finale, but can I say how happy I STILL am for Sean and Catherine? If they break up, I’m going to be utterly depressed. I love them so much.

Now that you think I’m a crazy person and thinking, “Of COURSE, they are going to break up….” I better end the post. Here a couple pictures from that Monday night.

Photo Mar 12, 1 08 56 AM

Photo Mar 11, 8 34 48 PM

Photo Mar 11, 7 28 25 PM

Photo Mar 11, 5 52 31 PM

Instagram Eyes

Photo Feb 27, 8 46 44 PM

Sleepy Baby

Photo Feb 27, 8 48 47 PM

We hate teething!

Photo Feb 27, 10 50 35 PM

Late night snack. I’ve been trying to drink lots of water so I don’t snack anymore. But it doesn’t fill my cravings.

Photo Feb 25, 9 31 44 PM

Bachelor night back at Sarah’s! I can’t believe Lindsay is still in the show! I hope Sean choses Catherine! But if he doesn’t, maybe she could be the next Bachelorette!?

Photo Feb 25, 1 21 20 PM

In my effort to try to be more real, this is what my house looks like most morning while I’m getting my work done. It starts clean every day, and within a couple of hours, it’s a wreck. Eva plays hard.

Instagram Update


We rode the carousel at the mall the other day. It made me feel sick and Eva cried.


I couldn’t resist putting away our snowman and breaking out the Easter eggs. It may be snowing outside, but it’s Spring at the Derrick home.


Eva loves coloring!


Cohen and Eva got new Nikes! The clearance section at Smith’s Marketplace was 60% off!


My Dr. Seuss Character, Thing #1.


Eva wiggled her way out of one of her shirt sleeves.


Fire & Ice Event at the Riverwoods


Friday night we went to the Riverwoods for pizza at Malawi’s and then looked around at the Fire & Ice event. It turns out that it actually started Saturday afternoon, but they did have lots of fire pits out and the one ice sculture. We ended the night with hot chocolate, provided by Dustin and Lindsay. All the kids were so good and it was a blast to be out with everyone.image_1 image_2



Living Planet Aquarium

This week my sister-in-laws and their kids joined Eva and me at the aquarium. It was a really great afternoon and so nice to get out of the house for a new activity. The kids even enjoyed looking at everything, especially the otters. They also had a play area where Eva had a ball peaking through the cave. Next time we go back to Kentucky, we will definitely be taking Eva to the Newport aquarium.




A Weekend to Remember

This post has way too much text. Just skip down to the cute pictures of Eva in the hospital gown!

Last Friday, Eva and I both woke up with colds. I wasn’t too concerned because it’s kind of a common occurrence in this never ending winter. But as the day went on, Eva’s breathing got heavier and she began to wheeze. After she went to bed that night, we found out that Eva had played earlier in the week with her buddy who, unknowingly at the time, had RSV. So, as soon as the BYU’s health clinic opened on Saturday morning, I took her to see the doctor.

We weren’t there for more than fifteen minutes when they told me to take her to the ER and that she would probably have to stay for at least 24 hours. I immediately started crying. The doctor assured me everything would be fine. She just needed to be monitored and have a couple of breathing treatments. But just the thought of taking my baby girl to the ER really upset me.

Honestly, when she was just with us, her breathing didn’t seem horrible. It just sounded like congestion. But when the nurses or doctors were around, she would get stressed out, cry, and the wheezing increased terribly. I think that was the hardest part the whole time. I felt that she’d be more comfortable at home, but I do understand it was for the best to have her at the hospital just in case it got worse and her throat closed up.

So, it turned out her RSV test came back positive and she also had a croup cough (it sounded like a dog bark… so terrible). After spending a couple of hours in the ER and giving her steroids with a breathing treatment, some doctors and breathing specialists would say she’d be able to go home soon, and then some would say she should be admitted. It was so hard to get our hopes up and then crushed over and over again. It happened at least a handful of times throughout the whole stay. They ended up admitting her and we found ourselves in a room on the pediatrics floor.

Once we got up there, I realized how blessed we really were. I had to keep reminding myself that RSV was not a big deal compared to what most of those kids were in for and that we’d be out of the hospital soon. That floor was so heartbreaking… I cannot imagine having to have your child in the hospital for days, weeks, or even months. We were just there for 24 hours and it felt like an eternity.

The doctor told us the best treatment was just to have Eva relax as much as possible. So, we watched a lot of TV, tried to have Eva nap, and just watched the time slowly go by. At 10 PM they were going to decide if we had to stay the night. To our dismay, they wanted to keep her overnight to continue monitoring her.

Eva woke up every single hour that night from her cough. (Flashback to the newborn days… how did I ever survive those first couple months?!) It didn’t help that she saw us each time she woke up, so she wanted to get out of the crib.

Anyway, the morning finally came and Eva seemed a bit more chipper but her breathing wasn’t much better. Her oxygen levels were perfect though and so I was praying they’d let us go home and just have us continue to monitor her. Thankfully the doctor on rotation agreed that there wasn’t much point to having her stay in the hospital, so after another round of steroids, we got to go home by 2 pm. Hal.le.lu.jah.

Since Sunday, Eva has finally started acting like herself. Today she didn’t want to cuddle with me at all and that’s when I knew she was feeling better… ha! Her breathing still sounds like a zombie (which is ironic since The Walking Dead started back last weekend), but at her checkup today, the doctor said her levels were perfect and her lungs sounded clear. So, we are finally on the home stretch!

Eva will be contagious for a while longer though. So, we will be staying at home until we’re over this nasty bug. But I do want to say thank you to the three girls who brought us dinner on Monday and Tuesday. It was so thoughtful and really helped to relieve some stress. Also, thanks to everyone who checked in on us and stopped by the hospital to bring us food! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the love and prayers we have felt these past couple days! Thanks guys!

Photo Feb 09, 5 14 22 PM

Photo Feb 09, 5 29 01 PM

Photo Feb 09, 9 51 58 PM

Photo Feb 09, 9 52 54 PM

Photo Feb 09, 11 32 35 AM

Photo Feb 10, 9 45 50 AM


In My Brain

Photo Jan 30, 1 09 41 PM 
  1. Eva and I played in the snow together on Wednesday. We made a snowman and she helped by patting the sides and eating the surrounding snow.
  2. The new Vine video app is awesome and you should get an account! It’s like Instagram but 10 times better.
  3. I painted Eva’s nails and toenails this week. Just trying to think of anything to stay busy. They look adorable.
  4. Eva’s been giving kisses all week long! I hope these kisses are here to stay!
  5. We’ve got a ward dinner tonight… The men are “making dinner” for us ladies.
  6. My sister had weather in the 70s this week. In DC! I’m so jealous of you right now, Mary Beth!
  7. T.J. is so busy with school. I’ve only see him from 5-7 pm the past couple days. I go to bed before he gets home and get up after he leaves.He has so much on his plate at school right now, so pray that he won’t get sick and that he’ll be able to sleep soon!
  8. Eva’s doing this thing where as soon as she goes down for a nap, she goes to the bathroom. Not number 1. So, I’ll get her out of her crib and change her. Then twenty minutes later when I think she’s asleep, she starts making some noise again. I smell the awful smell again. Change her diaper again. Put her back to bed. IT HAPPENED THREE TIMES ONE MORNING THIS WEEK! THREE DIRTY DIAPERS IN A ROW! I guess she gets really relaxed? Or she knows I’ll change her diaper? Any tips? I think I need to switch her over to one nap anyway, so maybe once I change the times of her naps, it’ll fix the problem? So gross.
  9. It’s Groundhog Day this weekend! “Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.” You’re telling me, Phil!
  10. I got a chunky knit sweater from the Gap yesterday that was originally $64, now for $10. It’s beautiful and warm and I’ll probably wear it everyday for the rest of winter. Kidding.

Bonus: Last night’s episodes of The Office… If they have Pam cheat on Jim with Brian, I’m going to be beyond madBeyond that annoyance, the episodes were SO funny!



Our Monday

Photo Jan 28, 3 00 01 PM Photo Jan 28, 3 00 54 PM

Woke up at 8. Diaper changes while reading.

Photo Jan 28, 3 01 59 PM Photo Jan 28, 3 03 03 PM

Played hard. Cleaned for a showing at noon.

Photo Jan 28, 3 04 21 PM Photo Jan 28, 3 04 54 PM

Enjoyed my peppermint bark candle. Ran errands with this cutie.

Photo Jan 28, 3 06 21 PM Photo Jan 28, 3 07 15 PM

Lunch… ants on a log! 2nd nap time.

Photo Jan 28, 3 08 16 PM Photo Jan 28, 3 09 13 PM

Worked for a couple hours, enjoyed this view. Did 3 loads of laundry.

Photo Jan 28, 9 13 58 PM Photo Jan 28, 9 14 41 PM

Eva wouldn’t let go of my leg and kept kissing it… best moment ever. Picked up TJ in this amazing sunset.

Photo Jan 28, 9 16 02 PM Photo Jan 28, 9 18 44 PM

FHE at the Library. Dinner time… Eva ate more soup than me!

Photo Jan 28, 9 19 49 PM Photo Jan 28, 9 20 32 PM

Family prayer and scripture study. Bachelor night with my girls.

What a great start to the week!